You can now see complete AFCAT (1) 2018 Answer Key here on this page. The answer key of AFCAT 2018 is memory based. AFCAT was held in online mode on February 25, 2018, and its question paper is not provided to candidates. Thanks to the efforts of candidates who remembered many questions and to individual experts who solved the answers, the complete AFCAT (1) 2018 Answer Key is now available here.

AFCAT (1) 2018 Answer Key

Air Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT) 2018 was held today, on February 25. Now answer key of AFCAT 2018 is available as memory based questions with answers. The paper was held in two shifts, morning and afternoon. In each shift there were 100 questions in all. Candidates who have appeared in the AFCAT exam can check answer key to know correct answers and analyse their performance while waiting for the AFCAT 2018 result.

AFCAT 2018 Questions AFCAT 2018 Answers
When was Indian National Congress founded 28 December 1885
Pugilist is a term used for player of a game. Identify the game Boxer / Boxing
Theyyam is a tradition of which state Kerala
How many hurdles are there in 400m race Ten (10).
In which two years were Asian games held in India 1951, 1982
Who won 4 back to back titles in badminton K Srikanth
When was modern Olympic started 06 April 1896
How many countries are there in Asia 48
What is the name of first artificial satellite of USA Explorer 1
How many states does tropic of cancer pass through 8
Who is the author of India divided Rajendra Prasad
Speed of wind measured by Anemometer
Which Indian won the national record in long jump Ankit Sharma
NATO Headquarter Brussels, Belgium
Tashkent agreement signed by Lal Bahadur Shastri and Ayub Khan
Dams on the Chenab river Baglihar Dam, Dul Hasti Hydroelectric Plant, Khanki Headworks, Marala Headworks, Ratle Hydroelectric Plant, Salal Hydroelectric Power Station, Seli Hydroelectric Plant, Trimmu Barrage
Panchatantra is written by whom Vishnu Sharma
Ryder cup is associated with which sport Men’s golf
On which river is Salal project Chenab river
What is the test for measuring hardness of minerals in water
In which city was the first British factory established in India Machilipatnam
In which year was the first FIFA world cup held 1930
Guwahati is on the bank of which river Brahmaputra
Who was the Governor general of India during formation of Indian National Congress Lord Dufferin
Chakra in indian flag is taken from
Author of Sleeping on Jupiter Anuradha Roy
How many stakeholders in Cauvery river dispute
Find odd one out : 1) Plassey 2) Haldighati 3) Sarnath 4) Panipat Sarnath
In 1954 which French settlements joined to India Pondicherry
With which company did Indian navy sign the latest MOU Tata
Who is the first Indian woman to win the medal in long jump Anju Bobby George
Who found American national red cross Clara Barton
Choose the odd one. a.Pink b.Green c.Blue d.Yellow. Pink
Rank and file meaning
What is the shape of crystal determined by
If a man goes upstream 10km and comes down taking total time 55min. If the speed of stream is 2 km/hr. Then find the speed of man in still water
5/12 of what amount is equal to 3 mixed 3/4 of 100
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