Bank Jobs have become one of the most lucrative career choices in the nation, recently. The decent packages, the opportunity to climb the ladder of ranks in a small time and the guaranteed job security make them the most sought after jobs. Owing to the huge turnout of applicants every year, no matter how many jobs are announced or how many exams are conducted, the competition is really edgy. This is also helping the coaching institution business flourish. Comprising of various tips to qualify the exam and other points of importance for the Bank Exam Preparation, this post will be a sure shot guide to prepare for the exam as well as to track the same.

Bank Exam Preparation – Source of Vacancies

  • SBI Bank
  • Cooperative Bank
  • IBPS
  • RRB
  • Housing Banks
  • NABARD etc

These are some of the most prominent bank exams in India along with the other ones which are conducted from time to time in a year. The final selection process will comprise of various stages such as the online exam, written exam, interview, etc.

Bank Exam Preparation – Type of Vacancies

After having seen the various sources of the vacancies; let us check out the various vacancies for which the exams are conducted:

  • Manager
  • Assistant Manager
  • Assistant Librarian
  • Clerks (Probationary Officers)
  • Specialist Officer (SO)
  • RRB
  • Liaison Officer
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Junior Engineer
  • Cashier
  • Security Officer etc.

These jobs are offered to the candidates on the basis of their abilities, educational qualifications and the merit in the exam. All the candidates will have to go through the same selection process and there will be no special treatment for any candidate despite the reservation and the age relaxation norms.

Bank Exam Preparation – Exam Structure

The exam for most of the bank recruitment is conducted in online mode and the sections in the question paper are almost similar in them. The candidates can find the detailed outline as well as the tips for the exam preparation in the following sections.

  1. Quantitative Aptitude
  2. Reasoning
  3. English
  4. Computer knowledge (for the technical jobs and other computer-related jobs)
  5. Current Affairs or General Knowledge

All these sections (All or Some) will be present in the Bank Exams and the number of questions will also be varying from bank to bank as well as post to post.

Learn how to prepare for these sections in the coming section.

Bank Exam Preparation – English Language

Newspapers – You knew it. Right??

“The best source for the Preparation of Bank Exam especially the English Section is to read the newspaper”

quotes every single person who has passed the exam, the coaching centre teachers, and every other education expert. Have you ever thought WHY? Well, actually, the newspapers (good quality ones) come with some articles of highly polished nature in every sense. They have all the contemporary words, full of different expressions and terms which help in improving the vocabulary as well as help you on grasping the gist of all the happenings around you. This will really come handy in the interviews and general knowledge section too.

Vocabulary means – DICTIONARY

Thou should love thy dictionary. Reading every single word and just cramming the same will be a time wastage of course. But yes, following some good urban dictionary or using some app which will remind you of some beautiful words to remember daily will make the learning fun. There are hundreds of websites that have dedicated themselves to the English Language learning; especially, vocabulary. One such fine website is

Read and Write and Learn

You need to READ the newspaper or some other source of articles and general knowledge and WRITE the NEW_WORDS as soon as you read them on something. Don’t write it in any diary as they become too tiresome. Paste some light coloured wall paper on your wall (in front of your study table) and write the words with meanings as well as some sentence usage on it. Revise all the words written on the wallpaper while going to bed and when you wake up. By the time of the exam, you will have a nice collection of words in your mind as well as walls.

Bank Exam Preparation – General Knowledge

  • Some things come to you naturally and general knowledge is one of them. Some people have a very good grasp of the general knowledge facts and figures and will ace this section. But this doesn’t mean that the others should abandon all the hopes. Practice and tireless revision of the facts will make every candidate score well.
  • Here again, reading the newspapers will give a boost to your knowledge of the facts and recent happenings.
  • The yearbooks, concise affair books and the coaching books which have been compiled after acute analysis of the exam papers over the years will also be of great help.

Bank Jobs Preparation – Quantitative and Reasoning

  • There are lots of celebrated publishers and writers that provide good sources of exercises and problems which are specific to the exams.
  • Solving the normal aptitude books may not prove that much-focused source of preparation; as they will have the general problem sets.
  • However, solving the books which have been specifically designed for the Preparation of Bank Exams will make the candidates more confident of their exam preparation.
  • Have a detailed look at the previous year papers and find the sections which are frequently asked in them. This analysis will help you in preparing in a more comprehensive manner.
  • Another better way of Bank Exam Preparation for the Quantitative and Reasoning Section is to employ some REASON and follow the online tutoring portals which are free (some of them) and release a weekly or fortnightly quiz or test for all the aspirants. They will be a real boost.

Bank Exam Preparation – Computer Knowledge

  • There is no limit to this section as far as any of the exams is concerned. Depending on the post for which the exam is being conducted, the questions asked in this section may be easy as well as hard and span from the normal computer aptitude questions to the brain teasers.
  • Follow some good book (mentioned in the following section) or simply opt for a reputed level coaching material which will have questions SPECIFIC to the exam you are appearing in and you will find that the section becomes an easy one.

Self Study Vs. Coaching Institutes for Bank Exam Preparation

Which one is better? See, there is a reason that some of the sections will be prepared better if prepared from the coaching material. This is because such material is compiled after years of analysis of the exam papers and gets updated every year too (only reputed centers). This helps you in avoiding the topics which are not even asked in the exam or have no relevance to the same.

Bank Exam Preparation At Home – Self Study Guide

There are enough reasons why preparation for bank exams can be carried out at home as well. However, there are a few factors which the candidates must keep in mind while opting for preparation at home:

  • Availability of ample study material
  • A strict timetable
  • Knowledge about all the important questions and related topics
  • Self-assessment
  • Other sources of help – Fellow aspirants, teachers, internet etc.

How to Prepare at home for Bank Exam Preparation?

It is possible. Candidates looking for effective preparation at home have to keep this confidence. However, confidence along with the right inspiration and adaptation will help you land a job in the banking sector. Preparation at home requires continuous self-monitoring. One approach is to cover the syllabus topic wise and therefore, understanding of the important topics on tips is needed.

Preparation Tips for Bank Preparation at Home

  • Make a good time table and include at least our of study specifically for the general awareness section.
  • To make sure you do not forget what you study, revise every day.
  • For English language study important topics such as synonyms and antonyms, prepositions, conjunctions, tenses on a regular basis. Watching English movies and series will also make you aware of new words and improve your grammar.
  • Taking quizzes every day can really help with Genral awareness preparation. Also, keep skimming through the Class 10 level textbooks of History and Geography.
  • For computer awareness, candidates have to practice keyboard, MS Office etc to get the practical knowledge. Solving computer quizzes will also help with the preparation.
  • Make notes of the important points and steps to solve questions.
  • Make sure to not start a new topic at the final moment.

Further tips for the Preparation of Bank Jobs Exam are

  • Follow a regular time table in which there is a slot for 2 to 3 subjects daily. Don’t overload yourself. You need to prepare the syllabus and not get pulverized by the same. Change the slots as well as subjects on a regular basis too. This will get rid of boredom and monotony.
  • Don’t opt for loads of practice papers, sample papers, question banks and what not; focus on some good quality stuff and stay focused.
  • Have a mental and physical relaxation daily. Go for a walk but not in a gym. Listen to some songs but try to avoid the hard rock and other fiery ones as they tend to make your ears and brain drained. Watch some news but avoid sensational journalism and stupid political debates.
  • And last, but not the least, have confidence and faith in you. After all, it’s just an exam. Don’t think about the number of applicants. Think about the number of questions you are able to attempt correct in each attempt at a sample paper or demo test. Stay focused.

Wish you loads of luck.

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