In case, if you are planning to appear for the DSSSB examination, then it would be useful for you to study round the clock since it is a very tough examination. As you are all aware that the competition is increasing at a fast pace and thousand of candidates aspire to crack the exam, it has become a must for each and every candidate to ensure that he/she puts in all their best effort possible and dedicate themselves towards studying hard, so as to qualify the exam.

Before appearing for any entrance exam it is important that students should be aware of the exam, its syllabus, examination paper, and most importantly should know that if they want to pursue the field. For preparing for the DSSSB entrance examination, there is said to be no hard & fast rule that exists to guarantee the candidate top results. Let us know more about what DSSSB is?

Overview of DSSSB

The Delhi Sub-ordinate Service Selection Board is an important examination that is availed by candidates in thousands, to fill up the vacancies to avail a wonderful career and a stable job. The DSSSB board is known to follow its very own unique method for shortlisting the candidates. To fill up the positions at subordinate/secondary that exist in the Delhi Admin departments with Directorates, it is the DSSSB that conducts the recruitment procedure, each time, and vacancies are to be filled in. Once the candidate has crossed this particular recruitment procedure, he/she has actually built up a career for themselves.

DSSSB Preparation Tips

Many students waste a lot of their time in confusion whether they should join coaching centre for preparation or not. It is always your choice. You need to understand that just by joining coaching centre, you won’t top the exam. Every year thousands of students join coaching centre but not all the thousand students top the exam. Do they? Even if you join a coaching centre but you are not serious about the preparation, no teacher or guide can help you in that case. Remember, it all starts with you. If you are dedicated and serious enough to clear this exam and score good marks, it hardly matters if you join coaching centre or not. Though saying all this, I would recommend that you may join a good coaching centre. You will get a better overview of the exam and you will be provided with good guidance.

Few Preparation Tips


  • Know the Syllabus: The candidates aspiring for the DSSSB Exam must be aware about the syllabus for the exam. Knowing the syllabus would help you as much as knowing the enemy in a war does. If you know the syllabus you can easily leave the topics you are weak in for later and give more time to those topics which you are confident of to prepare better and score more in the exam.
  • Save Time, Attempt More: The students should learn and use effective time management tricks to use their fixed time judiciously in the DSSSB Exam preparation. The short tricks and tricks for solving the questions will help a big way in the long run. Candidates should not waste time in solving one question rather should focus on solving as many questions as possible. Candidates are advised to see that they only answer questions that they are sure about as there may be a scope of negative marking.
  • Solve previous year question papers: The candidates should try solving as many previous year question papers along with model or practice papers. This will help the candidates to get set for the exam mode and let them know the difficulty level of the question paper. They will also be able to know the type of questions that shall be asked in the exam. Candidates can try practicing solving them according to the actual time limit allowed in the exam as to get the idea of time management in the exam, judge their performance and improve their speed.
  • Solve sample paper: Sample papers are the best way to revise and practice all the concepts studied by the candidates while preparing. Solving the DSSSB Sample Papers will help the candidates to get set in the exam like the environment and will also boost their confidence.
  • Take good care of Health: Health is one of the primary factors that students neglect. If you are not fit then all the preparation will go waste. Candidates should take care of their health and should not ignore it while preparing for the exam. It is advised to students to take timely meals and regular because ultimately it will be the health which would be the deciding factor.

Best Books for DSSSB PGT/ DGT preparation

You can take help from some of these books:

Book Name Author / Publisher
DSSSB Primary Teacher Recruitment Examination Dr. Lal & Jain
DSSSB Prathmik Shikshak Bharti Pariksha Book Dr. Lal & Jain
DSSSB Teachers PGT Chemistry Part II Ramesh Publishing
DSSSB Teachers PGT Political Science Part II Ramesh Publishing
DSSSB Teachers PGT Mathematics Part II Ramesh Publishing
DSSSB Teachers PGT Social Science Part II Ramesh Publishing
DSSSB TGT/PGT PART I Obj type Ramesh Publishing
DSSSB TGT Prelim Examination Upkar
DSSSB PGT Preliminary Exam Upkar
DSSSB TGT Bharti Pariksha Upkar
DSSSB PGT Prarambhik Pariksha Upkar
DSSSB TGT/PGT Social Science Practice Workbook Kiran Prakashan
DSSSB TGT PGT English Language Practice  WorkBook Kiran Prakashan

I know dedicating so much of your time and energy to something could be a bit hard but a bit of hard work now will reap you success in future. Just don’t stop!

All the best from the Aglasem Team!

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