After Processing the Application Forms Indian Navy will conduct the Indian Navy UES 2019 Campus Interview as a screening test. The aspirants who want to participate in the recruitment can apply between June 30,  to July 30, 2018. The recruitment process starts with the Campus Interview for Indian Navy University Entry Scheme 2019.  A campus interview is the initial step of recruitment. First of all Indian Navy will issue the Admit card to those aspirants whose Applications will correct and verifiable. Then a team of 3 – 4 officers will be sent to the colleges to compile the first step. Here we will discuss the Indian Navy UES 2019 Campus Interview in detailed read this article further to get all the information.

Indian Navy UES 2019 Campus Interview

As the name suggests the test will hold on your campus. First of all, when aspirants respond to Indian Army, they get the Admit card for the test on their registered email id’s. This is the intimation that their applications are accepted.

Indian UES 2019 Campus Interview Important Dates
Availability of Admit Card for Campus Test To be announced
Campus Interview To be announced
Availability of SSB call letter To be announced
Conduction of SSB round Dec 2018 to Apr 2018

Admit Card: All the information of campus interview admit card will be available at

The process of Campus Interview

The campus interview has broken into two stages, Group Discussion, & Personal Interview. After the declaration of campus interview dates, the aspirants should be ready with all the required documents to appear for the campus test.

For the conduction of Campus interview a Naval Campus Selection Team Visits a Campus, it can be either your college or some other college near your location, where candidates have to appear for the test.

Stage – 1 Group Discussion 

In this stage, the aspirants are broken into small groups of 10-15 students, After that, they will be made to sit on chairs placed in a semi-circular fashion. A Naval Officer will present there to observe the aspirants. Now a topic will assign to the aspirants. They have to discuss the topic up to 10 – 15 minutes. So approximately a candidate has to speak almost 01 minutes of time.

Stage – 2 Personal Interview

On the same day, the selected candidates of GD have to appear for the Personal Interview. The candidates will be asked the general questions about nature and revolves around you and your hobbies, strengths, weaknesses, etc., but one can always expect some basic question from your stream, and/ or, simple physics such as speed distance time calculation, unit conversions, and/or recent general topics or events.

At the end of the interview around the candidates who will perform well will get the call letter for the SSB round. The intimation of Call letter is the result of the Campus Interview. Those who will get rejected, will not get any email form Naval Campus Selection, Team.

Things to Remember While appearing Indian Navy UES 2019 Campus Interview

As you know the process of a campus interview, now you should have the knowledge of the instructions. This instruction should be followed by the aspirants word by word.

  • As soon as you get the call letter for the campus interview, you should prepare all the relevant documents for the interview, which are the Duplicate copy of Application Form, call up letter.
  • Now dress like an officer and so as for keeping your attitude like an officer.
  • You will be given proper instruction prior to the start of the discussion, kindly listen to them very carefully and adhere to them without fail.
  • In GD the first four minutes are most important. Try to speak in first four minutes. But do not interrupt or snatch other’s chances.
  • If you didn’t get chance to speak then do not get disheartened, sum up all the points and tell them at last with strong points than nobody can conquer.
  • The idea of conducting GD is to assess the candidate’s strength and weakness in a single round. Basically, officers, Officers are looking for such candidates who are having the Team Spirit, Leadership qualities, Confidence, and communication skill and knowledge about the surroundings.
  • There is no need to be worried in Interview, as Officers are at their formal best and will talk to you very nicely.
  • Keep your liveliness up and answer each question calmly. In case if you are not able to answer some questions, you can simply opt to say that you don’t know instead of guessing or hitting around the bush leading to the drowning of your boat.

Suggested Topics for Group Discussion in Campus Interview

Conquer Group discussion is not an easy task and when it comes to Indian Navy Campus Group Discussion then it’s being mandatory to take a good preparation. Here we present some of the topics generally asked in Campus GD of Indian Navy.

  • The present Indian education system should have a common syllabus, common universities or not and how it can be developed”.
  • Which form of media is better, Print or Digital, Whether Reservation should to Continued or Not?
  • “should there be a retirement age in politics? And if yes then what should be the age”
  • “Is India a soft nation?”
  • “should railway in India be privatized?”
  •  “is democracy good for a nation like India?”
  • “Is peace and non-violence are outdated?”
  • “Should India have a dialogue with Pakistan ?”
  • Remixing of songs good?”
  • The Internet is a boon or bane to the country
  • Women empowerment
  • Should India ban pornography websites?
  • How can we develop Indian Economy?

Aspirants can prepare for these topics for reference purpose only, however, this is not mandatory that same topic will be asked in your GD. These topics are given here just to aware the aspirants about the type of topics. These are the general topics are related to current affairs.

The most important thing to crack group discussions is to speak fluenly with confidence and keep relevent points.

How To Prepare for Interview in Indian Navy UES 2019 Campus Interview?

While appearing in Indian Navy Campus Interview, you should know the level of interview. Since the interview is taken by the Naval Officers so they would like to to see an officer like the image in aspirants. That means your attitude and presence of mind can crack everything. The difficulty of the interview is situation based and all depends upon the Naval Officers. Probably it could be very easy or very tough nobody can’t predict. But we are providing some of the questions asked in interview rounds. I hope it would help the aspirants.

  1. Tell me about yourself. (almost everybody was asked!)
  2. Why do you want to join the navy? (Be ready for counter-questions here)
  3. Election Commissioner of India – Dr. Nasim Zaidi. (at that time when asked)
  4. RBI Governor
  5. HRD, Finance, Home, Defense ministers of India.
  6. Full form of BIOS (basic input/output system)
  7. The number of Prime Ministers to date.
  8. About Adolf Hitler, where was he born? etc. (He was not born in Germany)
  9. Demonetization date (8th Nov).
  10. What if you are not selected?
  11. Even professors serve the nation, then why do you want to join armed forces only?
  12.  5 differences b/w Petrol and the Diesel engine? (For mechanical stream)
  13.  How does Spark plug work in a petrol engine?
  14. How does Ship float on a water? (Related to Fluid Mechanics subject)

Some other questions are related to Indian Navy, these are

  • Name the coastal states of our country?
  • Strength of Indian Navy i.e., How many aircraft carriers, Nuclear submarines, Destroyers, Frigates, Patrol vessels, Number of people working?
  • Name the President and Prime minister of neighboring countries.
  • Why do you want to join Indian Navy (Compulsory question to all the candidates)
Additional Tips: Before attending the interview just go through the Indian Navy website and do Wikipedia regarding strength of Indian Navy, concentrate on current affairs, GK and Technical subjects (for mechanical engineering students) like Engines, Turbomachinery, Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer (because these are the subjects which are more applied to the maintenance & working of the Ships).

Indian Navy UES 2019

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  1. i have attained my campus interview recently on 18-09-2018 in which i got the topics as such corruption in india. my friends got capital punishment , global warming etc.
    In Gk round they asked about Archimedes principle , Bernoulli theorem , Recoil of gun and recent naval exercises . hope so it may help someone ! all the best .

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