AFCAT Answer Key 2019 – Candidates can check and AFCAT Answer Key 2019 will be available on this page. Only the admission notification has released on the official website. We have added the memory based questions and answers on this page. The question with the AFCAT answer key will be available for both the shift.  However, candidates can use memory based AFCAT question and answers to calculate marks in the exam. For reference purposes, we added the previous examination question-answer on this page. Know more details about AFCAT Answer Key 2019 from this page.

How To Calculate Marks with AFCAT Answer Key 2019?

As per previous year details!!

From this AFCAT Answer key 2019 page, a candidate can check their answers that whether the question which he/she has answered in the exam is correct or not and from this procedure candidate can get the estimate of qualifying the examination. But while calculating the marks please follow the marking criteria then only the candidate can estimate the correct result.

Marking Scheme of AFCAT and EKT

Marking Criteria: +3 for each correct answer
Negative Marking: -1 for each incorrect answer

Exam Name  Number of Questions Maximum Marks Duration
AFCAT 100 300 2 Hours
EKT (For technical branches) 50 150 45 Minutes

Calculate Marks with AFCAT Answer Key 2019

  • For each correct answer, 3 marks will be given.
  • For each incorrect answers, 1 marks will be deducted
  • If the candidate will select multiple answers (for MCQ type Questions) then 1 marks will be deducted,
  • If the candidate will not answer the question, no negative marking will be there.

Why AFCAT Answer Key 2019 Is Memory-Based?

The Indian Air Force never provides the answer key of AFCAT and EKT. So many educational institutes provided the AFCAT Answer Key and question paper on the basis of the exam analysis provided by the candidates who appear in the exam.

On the basis of the memory based answer key, a candidate can easily estimate their marks by doing the calculation. On the basis of AFCAT Paper Analysis, AFCAT Answer Key will release. The memory-based Answer key will be released after solving and checking the solutions of the questions from various sources then after that memory based answer key for AFCAT 2019 will release.

AFCAT 2019 Result

The result of AFCAT 2019 will be based on the marks scored by the candidates in the entrance tests. The result will be declared online at the AFCAT official site at in the month of April 2019. This could be estimated after seeing the result declaration pattern of the last few years. Candidates who are short-listed on the basis of Air Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT / EKT) that candidate will be called for further testing at one of the Air Force Selection Boards (AFSBs).


Candidate can see the All Year’s Cut off marks of AFCAT from the below-mentioned table-

AFCAT AFCAT Cut Off (out of 300) EKT Cut Off (out of 150)
AFCAT 01/2018 155 60
AFCAT 02/2017 160 60
AFCAT 01/2017 150 60
AFCAT 02/2016 148 60
AFCAT 01/2016 132 52 / 150
AFCAT 02/2015 144 52 / 150
AFCAT 01/2015 126 55 / 150
AFCAT 02/2014 123 45 / 150
AFCAT 01/2014 127
AFCAT 02/2013 116
AFCAT 01/2013 144

After the AFCAT 2019 Exam

After the conduction of the AFACT, the qualifiers of the examination will have to appear for the AFSB i.e Air Force Selection Board Testing. This is an interview process of all qualifiers of AFCAT, the IAF will call the candidates at the AFSB centers, there are four centers in India

  • Dehradun (1 AFSB)
  • Mysore (2 AFSB)
  • Gandhinagar (3 AFSB)
  • Varanasi (4 AFSB)

The candidates who have applied for the flying branch will be needed to choose for any one center among four, but the rest of the candidates will be assigned the centers. But all the selected candidates will need to choose the venue and date for AFSB in order to generate the Call-up Letter for the AFSB.


Air Force Common Admission Test is also abbreviated as AFCAT. The examination is conducted by Indian Air Force, to give entry to graduates (Technical and Non -Technical backgrounds) in Flying Barch and Non- Flying Branch AKA Ground duty  Technical and Non – technical. The candidates get the entry in Short Service Commission.

There are three entries, AFCAT Entry, NCC Special Entry, and Metrology Entry. The IAF releases the notification twice a year in June and December. The candidates respond to it. The candidates have to appear in the online examination AFCAT and Engineering Knowledge Test (only for candidates who have completed engineering). Later all the qualifiers have to appear for the Air Force Selection Board interview, which is a five-day long process. The interview call letter is issued to the qualified candidates.

AFCAT Answer Key 02/2019

AFCAT Answer key for 02/2019 will release after the successful completion of the exam. Candidates are advised to check the official website as well as go through this page for getting regular updates.

AFCAT Answer Key 01/2019

AFCAT Candidates appeared for AFCAT 01/2019 on February 16 & 17 can check the questions and answers below to get an idea about how the level of exam will be.

AFCAT Answer Key 2019 for February 16, 2019 (Shift 1)

AFCAT 2019 General Awareness Question

Q: In 4×100 m race, which nation holds the record?
Ans: Jamaica

Q: Which Continent has the largest coastline?
Ans: Asia

Q: Which game is Geet Sethi associated with?
Ans: Billiards

Q: Who is the founder of Independent Awad?
Ans: Saadat Khan Buruhanual Mulk

Q: In which state of India “Than Ta Dance” is related?
Ans: Manipur

Q: Which sustains does not contain Silver?
Ans: German Silver / Nickel Silver

Q: When our Consitution was adopted?
Ans: 26 November 1949

Q: How many bouncers are allowed in T20 cricket match?
Ans: One

Q: The Hardest substance on the Earth?
Ans: Diamond

Q: The language of Ashoka’s Inscription?
Ans: Prakrit, Greek, and Aramaic

Q: Who was awarded first Bharat Ratana?
Ans: C. Rajagopalachari, Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, C. V. Raman were awarded the Bharat Ratana Award in the year 1954, after the effect of the constitution.

Q: First three lady fighter pilot of India?
Ans: Bhawana Kanth, Mohana Singh, and Avani Chaturvedi

Q: The first Modern Olympic held where and which city?
Ans: In 1896, the first modern Olympic was played in Athens, Greece.

Q: Oldest Mountain range in India?
Ans: Aravali

Q: Numer of Players in Basket Ball?
Ans: 5 players in each team

Q: Who won the golden ball in FIFA 2018?
Ans: Luka Modric won the Ball for the “Best Player in Entire Competition”.

Q: Shuddhi Movement was run by?
Ans: Arya Samaj

Q: Capital of Nigeria?
Ans: Abuja

Q: Who was the Maldives President at the time of  Emergency in 2018?
Ans: Abdulla Yameen

Q: ISRO’s Satish Bahwan Space Center is located at which place?
Ans: Shriharikota, Andhra Pradesh

Q: The Author of the book “The Golden Threshold”?
Ans: Sarojini Naidu

Q: The founder of Stavahana Dynasty?
Ans: Simuka

Q: Who is the Father of the Indian Space Program?
Ans: Vikram Ambalal Sarabhai

AFCAT 2019 Reasoning Question

Q: A question on Venn diagram was asked – Music, Singer, Woman
Q: Another question on Venn diagram Uncle Man Father
Q: Flower, Clothes, Whites

AFCAT Answer Key 2019 for February 16, 2019 (Shift 2)

Q: Uber cup is related to which sport?
Ans: Badminton

Q: who is the youngest grandmaster in India?
Ans: Parimarjan Negi

Q: Term used for stamp collection
Ans: Philately

Q: From which country India bought c-17 transport aircraft?
Ans: US

Q: Which country has hosted the Asian games maximum number of times?
Ans: Thailand

Q: The golden threshold book is written by? (Also asked in Shift I in Februray 16, 2019)
Ans: Sarojini Naidu

Q: Who is the father of the Indian space program?
Ans: Vikram Sarabhai

Q: Who is the author of the exam warriors book?
Ans: Narendra Modi

Q: Agra city was founded by
Ans: Sikandar Lodi

Q: Arthashastra was written by
Ans: Chanakya

Q: UN celebrated 50th anniversary in which year
Ans: 1995

Q: The visible part of the sun is called
Ans: Photosphere

Q: who was the founder of Pallava dynasty
Ans: Simhavishnu

Q: LCA stands for
Ans: Life Cycle Assessment

Q: Who was the first CM of Madras
Ans: A. Subbarayalu Reddiar

Q: The 2016 summer Olympics venue was
Ans: Rio de Janeiro

Q: Where are Mahendra Giri hills located
Ans: Gajapati, Odisha,

Q: Ozone layer located in which layer
Ans: Stratosphere

Q: Who is the chairman of the constitution drafting committee
Ans: Dr. B. R. Ambedkar

AFCAT Answer Key 2019 for February 17, 2019 (Shift 1)

Q: First modern Olympic games were held at which country/city?
Ans: Athens, Greece in 1896

Q: Who is the author of the book “death of a city”?
Ans: Mike Walsh

Q: Who has won the most consecutive Wimbledon?
Ans: Roger Federer & Bjorn Borg

Q: Sultan Azlan Shah Cup / Tournament is related with which sports?
Ans: Hockey

Q: What is the new capital of Myanmar?
Ans: Naypyidaw

Q: UN was established on?

Q: Who is the first Indian to win all England open badminton championships?
Ans: Prakash Padukone

Q: The derby cup is related to which game?
Ans: Horse race

Q: Which places were annexed under places annexed by the doctrine of lapse?
Ans: Kittur, Jaipur, Sambhalpur, Udaipur, Jhansi, Nagpur

Q: Who was the first speaker of Lok Sabha?
Ans: Ganesh Vasudev Mavalankar

Q: Who was leading the Mughal forces in the battle of Haldighati?
Ans: Man Singh one of Amber

Q: Who was the first women defense minister?
Ans: Indira Gandhi

Q: Match the following:-
a)Indian – Rupee
b)Kuwait – Dinar
c)Australia – Pound
d)America – Dollar

Ans. c)Australia – Pound

Q: Who is known as the female Don Bradman of international women’s cricket?
Ans: Betty Wilson (Elizabeth Rebecca Wilson)

Q: Alexander invaded during the reign of which dynasty?
Ans: Nanda Dynasty (344-321 B.C)

Q: The kakrapar dam on which river?
Ans: Tapi river

Q: Which is the first country to impose a carbon tax?
Ans: Finland

Check the entire Exam analysis of AFCAT 2019 Exam.

FAQ’s on AFCAT & AFCAT Answer Key

 Ques: May I be Officer In IAF after qualifying AFCAT?

Ans. IAF conducts the AFCAT only to screen candidates for the next round i.e.Air Force Selection Board (AFSB). This is the first stage in the selection process to get an entry in IAF as Officer or any other post. However, being an officer in IAF is subject to qualification in AFCAT, AFSB, and medical fitness.

Ques: Is a Science Graduate Eligible for the AFCAT?

Ans. Any candidates who have completed their graduation with minimum 60% marks in aggregate, in all paper is eligible for the exam. But they should have studied the PCM in 10+2 level.

Ques: What is the Cut Off marks of AFCAT 2019?

Ans. There is no standard cut-off. IAF decides the cut off marks of each AFCAT exam conducted by itself.

Ques: Can a female apply for the AFCAT?

Ans. IAf grants the entry to female candidates as well, however one must ensure his/her eligibility before applying.


AFCAT Answer Key Archive

Q: Where is Indira Point?
A: Nicobar

Q: Long Jump record of Mike Powel?
A: 8.95 meters (29 ft 4 14 in)

Q: When Goa Became part of India?
A: December 19, 1961

Q: Southern Part of India?
A: Indira Point

Q: Number of timeouts in Volleyball?
A: A team can take maximum 2 timeouts.

Q: Indian hockey captain in 1928
A: Jaipal Singh Munda

Q: What is biome?
A: A large naturally occurring community of flora and fauna occupying a major habitat, e.g. forest or tundra.

Q: Mike Powell long jump record in meters?
A: Mike Powell 8.95 m (29 ft 4 14 in) (1991)

Q: First ever women PM in the world?
A: Sirimavo Bandaranaike became the first women PM in the world. She became the PM of Sri Lanka (then Ceylon).

Q: What is the Radcliffe Line?
A: The Radcliffe Line was the boundary demarcation line between the Indian and Pakistani portions of the Punjab and Bengal provinces of British India. It was named after its architect, Sir Cyril Radcliffe, who, as the joint chairman of the two boundary commissions for the two provinces, received the responsibility to equitably divide 175,000 square miles (450,000 km2) of territory with 88 million people.

Q: Who was the first posthumous recipient of Bharat Ratna?
A: Lal Bahadur Shastri

Q: In which year Goa is taken by India?
A: The Annexation of Goa was the process in which the Republic of India annexed the former Portuguese Indian territories of Goa, Daman, and Diu, starting with the “armed action” carried out by the Indian Armed Forces in December 1961.

Q: Baltic cup related to?
A: The Baltic Cup is an international football competition contested by the national teams of the Baltic states – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Also Finland has participated as a guest twice.

Q: Hook pass is related to which game?
A: Basketball

Q: Hindu Sanskrit Book Natya Shastra is written by?
A: Bharata Muni was an ancient Indian theatrologist and musicologist who wrote the Natya Shastra, a theoretical treatise on ancient Indian dramaturgy and histrionics, especially Sanskrit theatre. Bharata is considered the father of Indian theatrical art forms.

Q: JAXA is an aerospace agency of which country?
A: Japan

Q: When did India became a member of Asian Development Bank?
India became a member of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) as a founding member in 1966. The Bank is engaged in promoting economic and social progress of its developing member countries (DMCs) in the Asia Pacific Region.

Q: Vitamin which is responsible for blood clotting?
A: Vitamin K affects the clotting mechanism by being essential for the production of four distinct clotting factors: prothrombin, factors VII, IX and X.

Q: Oldest Veda?
A: The Rigveda is the oldest work, which Witzel states are probably from the period of 1900 to 1100 BCE. Witzel, also notes that it is the Vedic period itself, where incipient lists divide the Vedic texts into three (trayī) or four branches: Rig, Yajur, Sama and Atharva.

Q: Which act is known as the Black Act
A: The Anarchical and Revolutionary Crimes Act of 1919, popularly known as the Rowlatt Act and also known as the Black Act, was a legislative act passed by the Imperial Legislative Council in Delhi on March 18, 1919, indefinitely extending the emergency measures of preventive indefinite detention, incarceration without trial and judicial review enacted in the Defence of India Act 1915 during the First World War. It was enacted in light of a perceived threat from revolutionary nationalist organisations of re-engaging in similar conspiracies as during the war which the Government felt the lapse of the DIRA regulations would enable.

Q: Characteristics of coal
A: Coal is a black, inhomogeneous, organic fuel, formed largely from partially decomposed and metamorphosed plant materials. Formation has occurred over long time periods, often under high pressures of overburden and at elevated temperatures.

Q: Mont Blanc is situated in?
A: Mont Blanc, Italian Monte Bianco, mountain massif and highest peak (15,771 feet [4,807 metres]) in Europe. Located in the Alps, the massif lies along the French-Italian border and reaches into Switzerland.

Q: Ten cities will have hosted the Olympic Games more than once
A: Athens (1896 and 2004 Summer Olympics), Paris (1900, 1924 and 2024 Summer Olympics), London (1908, 1948 and 2012 Summer Olympics), St. Moritz (1928 and 1948 WinterOlympics), Lake Placid (1932 and 1980 Winter Olympics), Los Angeles (1932, 1984 and 2028).

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AFCAT 2019

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