It’s often said “If you dream it; you can achieve it” and all the aspirants wanting to join the Indian Air Force will agree that getting selected as an officer will be nothing less than a dream come true. But what all the aspirants need to realize is that transforming this dream into reality requires more than just a comfortable bed and a good night’s sleep. It requires persistence, constant self-motivation and faith in oneself.

AFCAT Preparation

The Indian Air Force desires those candidates as their officers who are aware of their surrounding, have patience, are vigilant and have a leadership quality about themselves. What all the aspirants have to remember is that the nation comes first, then their colleague and finally themselves. The job of an officer is to serve the nation and its people. An officer is nothing but a mere servant of the nation and he should realize that he has to walk along with everybody, be it the nation’s population or his colleagues.

If you are an Air Force aspirant it’s obvious with all these responsibilities in your future, you have to be mentally as well as physically strong.

The AFCAT examination is a two hour long examination and has 4 sections namely Verbal ability, Numerical ability, General Awareness and Reasoning and Military aptitude.

AFCAT Preparation Books

List of books for AFCAT preparation

High School English Grammar and Composition – Wren and Martin Buy Online
Word Power Made Easy – Norman Lewis Buy Online
Quantitative Aptitude for All Competitive Examination – R.S.Aggarwal Buy Online
Popular Master Guide, AFCAT – R.Gupta Buy Online

In order to prepare for the verbal ability section, one has to brush up his basic grammar. A highly recommended book for the same is ‘High School English Grammar and Composition‘ by Wren and Martin. This book will also help the aspirants with composition questions and much more. Another part of the verbal ability section is the vocabulary. A vigorously suggested book for the same is ‘Word Power Made Easy‘ by Norman Lewis.

For the preparation of the Numerical ability section, one can refer to ‘Quantitative Aptitude for All Competitive Examination‘ by R.S.Aggarwal.

To prepare for General awareness section, reading a newspaper daily is more than enough.
Reasoning and Military aptitude can be practised from books like ‘Popular Master Guide, AFCAT‘ by R.Gupta.

Besides all of the above, it’s important to take AFCAT mock tests at regular intervals to be constantly in touch with the exam pattern. The exam tests a candidates accuracy and timing. The goal is to get as many right answers as possible in just two hours. It’s also to be kept in mind that each correct answer gets one +3 marks and with every wrong answer one loses -1 mark. The candidates should only mark the answers they are certain about.
Apart from preparing for the written exam, the candidates must keep in mind their physical fitness. It’s required to be physically fit to at least adapt to the training provided by the Air Force Academy.

In case one is selected for the AFSB, it’s recommended one joins a coaching center.

With all the information required for the examination, you are ready to take off!

All the best and fly away!

AFCAT Preparation – Find the tips for Preparation of AFCAT here. Read more on AFCAT Exam Preparation from toppers and find some good reference books here.

AFCAT is Air Force Common Entrance Test which is conducted by Indian Air Force twice a year. This is the most prestigious exam in India. AFCAT Exam has gained attention from a lot of aspirants from the past recent years. A large number of participants take part in this exam with the dream to be in Indian Air Force and due to this reason, the AFCAT exam is quite hard. Owing to the high level, the exam needs dynamic and vibrant preparation. To help all the exam aspirants towards a better AFCAT Preparation which is targeted towards clearing the exam, we have hosted some really helpful tips.

Why should I appear in AFCAT?

Through AFCAT Exam, the candidates can apply for the different branches of Indian Air Force. These branches differ in eligibility conditions, salary and job profile.

  • Flying branch
  • Technical branch
  • Ground duty branch

It is quite necessary to decide the position that you want to join and make sure that you are eligible for the same. After deciding the position, the candidate can then commence the preparation for the same.

AFCAT Preparation – Syllabus

Once the candidate has decided to take the exam, it is required for him to know the details of the same. Syllabus outlines the important details regarding the exam helps the candidates to know a bit more.

Verbal ability in English

  • Comprehension, error detection, vocabulary testing, antonyms, sentence completion, synonyms

Reasoning and military aptitude

  • Verbal skills and spatial ability

General awareness

  • Art, geography, culture, environment, history, politics, current affairs, basic science, civics

Numerical ability

  • Decimal fraction, ratio, simplification, average, profit and loss, simple interest

Know about AFCAT

Knowing about the AFCAT exam is the prime duty of the candidate and first AFCAT Preparation tip. It is important to do some research on what AFCAT exam is. The aspirant should know the syllabus, type of questions you will face in AFCAT, difficult and easiest section etc. Most of the candidates neglect these things, but these small things will help the candidates to make a perfect strategy to qualify the exam.

Practice regularly

Practice makes the man perfect. This is true that more you practice, better are the chances to qualify the exam. This should be noted that qualifying the exam is not enough to get this reputed job. More than qualifying, good marks will enhance the chances of selection. The candidates are required to practice the sample papers and preceding year papers regularly so as to know their weak and strong areas.

AFCAT Preparation Strategy

Preparation for each section

Each section has its own importance in the exam, therefore, it is important to prepare each and every section for AFCAT Preparation. It may be possible that one section needs more or less effort than other, therefore, it is beneficial to know the easy and difficult section so as to prepare it as accordingly.


The reasoning is quite interesting and tough section of AFCAT exam. Being tough, it requires dynamic preparation. The performance in the reasoning section will be largely dependent on the IQ level of the candidate. Reasoning can be best prepared if practised regularly.

General awareness

The section can be easily covered if the candidate is aware of the daily events and activities in India and the World. It focuses the part of the current affairs especially related to the Indian air force.

Military aptitude

Aptitude is always a challenging section of the exam and when it comes to military section, its level can never be determined. This section needs great attention and preparation on the regular basis. It covers verbal skills and spatial ability which needs regular practice.
AFCAT Preparation Material:

Online sources

The candidate can prepare for AFCAT by solving the sample papers in the online mode. This is one of the best ways to prepare for this deemed exam. With this, the aspirant can boost their confidence by determining the level of their preparation.


Coaching or offline sources are the best AFCAT Preparation Material. Apart from self – preparation, the AFCAT Preparation can be done by taking the coaching for the same. This helps the candidate to clear their doubts. Also, the candidate can know the shortcuts to solve the tough problems.

Whatever be the mode of preparation, personal effort is mandatory as the competition is very high. The candidate should understand the exam pattern completely and frame shortcuts and easy methods to answer the questions within the given time. Also, regular practice will definitely boost the candidate’s performance to a great extent. Gather as much information as you can as it will help further in the interview round.

AFCAT Papers

For AFCAT Preparation, the candidate should solve the sample papers. With AFCAT Papers, the candidate comes to know their weak and strong areas. They can determine the type of questions they will face in the actual AFCAT exam. Apart from sample paper, preceding year papers are quite important to solve. With the previous year exam papers, the aspirant can know the exact level of the exam. The candidates are advised not to rely on the preceding exam papers as repetition of question is rare.

The golden tip for AFCAT Preparation is that the AFCAT exam is not difficult but requires a little concentration as the answer lies in your thoughts and way to approach.


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