CTET (Central Teacher Ability Test) is the standard exam for analysing and certifying eligible candidates to work as a Teacher in any school in India. CTET is held twice a year, in February and September, and it sees more than 6.5 lakh applicants every year. Maximum marks to be awarded in CTET is 150 and scoring 100+ marks is what a regular CTET aspirant aims for, but not many go past this mark.

Meet Baljeet Singh from Punjab who scored an exalted sum of 111 marks out of 150 in CTET held in September 2015. In a brief interview with Aglasem, Baljeet gave some very helpful tips to score more than 100 marks in CTET. Read the complete conversation and get equipped with his tested tricks.

Name Baljeet Singh
School Khalsa Model High School
College Ranbir College of Education, Punjab
CTET Attempt 3rd
CTET Score 111

About Baljeet

Baljeet Singh is a son of proud Government School Teacher while his mother is a homemaker. He lives with his family in Bhawanigarh, a town in Punjab. When we asked him about his family and their support, he expressed

I belong to a middle class family from Bhawanigarh. My mother is homemaker while my father is working as a Teacher in Government school. I am greatful to them for their support during my preparation.

Having great interest in Child Development & Pedagogy, Baljeet wants to be a Government School Teacher alike his father.

Tips for CTET Preparation

Baljeet shared some of the tips that he himself followed for CTET preparation. He feels these will help the CTET aspirants to have an upper edge over the other students. He accorded

Be thorough in Child Development and Pedagogy as it concentrates on child development and your teaching methods. Learning a bit about child psychology also helps here. There are many books that will help you prepare for this topic.

Theories in CDP was the difficult one for me and I cracked it by reading it briefly from various books available in the market.

Revise your short notes. Keep balance between studies, sleep and other recretional activities before the exam for relaxation of yourself.

There is a conception among the students that competitive exams cannot be cracked without an intensive coaching. Baljeet shared his view on coaching and its necessity saying

No, I didn’t attend any Coaching Class. For CTET preparation, according to me, one can get good marks by Self Studying only. For me only 4 hours of study on daily basis was quite sufficient.

CTET 100+ Scorer Baljeet also revealed that he referred  CTET Central Teacher Eligibility Test Success Master Paper with Solution Maths & Science ­ By Arihant Experts for his CTET preparation.

Work Hard and Stay Positive

~ Baljeet Singh

On the Exam Day

All that counts is the performance on the day of exam. You can hear a lot of advice from your parents, friends and peers for the exam day. Let us know how was CTET Sep 2015 Exam day went for Baljeet as he himself shares the story.

The experience was very good. I had a very good sleep the day before exam and did not study/revise anything in the morning of the exam. I already had my strategy set for attempting the paper, the time to be spent on each section and for revising the questions.

So the paper started, and time flew and exam finally ended.

Key Takeaways

  • Pick up first on the subjects that are your strength.
  • Prepare to the best of your ability.
  • Focus on subjects that you are not confident about.
  • Try to attempt Mock Tests as much as possible.
  • Try and try again and you’ll reach your goal definitely.

Future Plans

After accomplishing his goal of cracking CTET, Baljeet is all set for his next goal i.e. becoming a Government School Teacher. He credits his father for being the motivation that has led him to achieve it.

Our best wishes are with him. May he keep doing well in future also. Once again, congrats Baljeet and Keep it up!

This interview has been compiled by Aglasem correspondent Pranjali Rastogi and edited by Lalit Sharma.

This is a part of a series of interviews with toppers of exams and boards – Toppers Speak – bringing to the fore bright young minds who will go a long way — the kind who play a crucial role in the changing world. This interview has been edited and condensed. If you are a topper (or know one), please be in touch: [email protected]

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