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IAS exam is gaining immense popularity nowadays. It is considered as one of the toughest exams for the civil services. Indian Administrative Services which is abbreviated as IAS is the premier civil services of the Government of India. This exam attracts a lot of candidates every year and, therefore, its competition level is drastically increasing. Owing to the high level of competition, this exam needs the consistent and dynamic preparation. To help all those candidates who are planning to participate in this exam and wish to clear the same, we have hosted some really beneficial tips for IAS Preparation. As IAS is divided into two parts i.e. Prelims and Mains, therefore, we are providing the preparation tips for both sections.

IAS Prelims / Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT) Exam Pattern

Preliminary exam consists of two papers. All questions in IAS Prelims are objective type. They carry maximum marks of 400.

Paper Marks
Paper I 200
Paper II 200

IAS Mains / Civil Services Mains Exam Pattern

Qualifying papers

Paper Marks
Paper A – Indian Language 300
Paper B – English 300

Papers to be counted for merit

Paper Marks
Paper I – Essay 250
Paper II – General Studies I (Indian heritage and culture, History and geography of world and society) 250
Paper III – General Studies II (Governance, Constitution, Polity, Social justice and international relations) 250
Paper IV – General Studies III (Technology, Economic Development, Biodiversity, Environment, Security and disaster management) 250
Paper V – General Studies IV (Ethics, Integrity, Aptitude) 250
Paper VI – Optional Subject Paper I 250
Paper VII – Optional Subject Paper II 250
Sub Total (Written test) 1750
Personality test 275
Grand Total 2025

IAS Preparation Tips for Preliminary Exam

Since preliminary exam, in particular, is the test of endurance, therefore, the candidate should prepare on the physical as well as the mental level. As this is the objective test, hence it needs the proper strategy. Some helpful and beneficial tips to crack the prelims are mentioned here.

IAS Preparation – Exam Pattern for Prelims

The candidates first have to undergo the prelims examination which serves as the screening test for the aspirants. It is required to qualify this examination so as to proceed further for the mains examination. The prelims examination has the questions from the following topic:

  • General Studies Paper I
  • General Studies Paper II

The tips and tricks for preparing each section are published here for the candidates along with the essentials tips from the toppers which boost the aspirants to a great extent.

General Studies Paper I

Paper I mainly includes the areas like:

  • The History of India and Indian national movement
  • Indian and the world geography
  • Indian polity and governance
  • General issues on environment, bio – diversity etc
  • General science

Tips to prepare General Studies Paper I

  • In order to prepare these topics, it is required to study each and every topic deeply. But DO NOT overload a lot of information. It is compulsory to distinguish between relevant and irrelevant information.
  • Also, it is not enough to remember the information but to understand the concepts. Because if you remember the concept then you can surely answer even the most critical question.
  • Do not get confused with facts and figures. Try to learn the topics by preparing flow charts or by making brief and short notes.
  • Also, current knowledge on every topic is the must. From the past to present, the candidate should remember each and every fact which is relevant and important from the examination point of view and required for IAS Preparation.

General Studies Paper II

More stress is given on the language skills, analysis and decision – making capacity. Therefore, work on these on a consistent and regular basis as these skills are developed over years and not just in few months. So, start focusing on the language skills and problem solving as early as possible.

The paper includes the questions from the following portions:

  • English comprehension
  • General mental ability
  • Data interpretation
  • Interpersonal skills including communication skills
  • Analytical ability and reasoning

Tips to prepare General Studies Paper II

English is not just needed to crack the particular section but also at the time of personal interaction. In order to strengthen the portion of the English comprehension, the candidate must have to solve these comprehensions every day. Along with this, it is required to know the tips to find the answers more quickly.

  • Data interpretation includes the questions from charts, graphs etc and it is required the IAS Preparation of this level should be done at the appropriate level. While preparing for this section, one get confused with the mind – boggling facts and figures, therefore, this section can be easily prepared be representing these figures on charts and revise them in every morning and evening.
  • Communication skills can be improved by strengthening the vocabulary section. Try to communicate in English is another way to enhance the communication skills.

IAS Preparation for Main Examination

IAS prelims exam is just the promo as the whole is film is here i.e. the IAS Main examination. The IAS examination is basically a test to choose the suitable administrators. This tests the candidate’s ability to solve the tricky problems of the examination. The essential IAS Preparation tips for the main exam are provided here.

IAS Preparation – Exam Pattern for Main exam

Once the candidates have qualified the prelims exam, now it is the time to face another hurdle i.e. the IAS main examination. In order to commence the preparation for the same, the candidates are required to know the basic portions of the same:

  • Essay
  • General Studies Paper I
  • General Studies Paper II
  • General Studies Paper III
  • G S Paper IV
  • Optional Paper 1
  • Optional Paper 2
  • Indian (regional language)
  • English Language

IAS Preparation tips to prepare each and every topic are illustrated here for the students and tips from the toppers are adding grace to it.

General Studies Paper 1

This paper includes the questions from the following topics:

  • Indian culture and heritage
  • Geography and History of the world and society

Tips to prepare General Studies Paper 1

  • In order to prepare this paper, one must ensure that the entire syllabus is covered.
  • This portion is like the story and there could be linkages between two questions hence try to prepare all the topics with relevant information.
  • Make sure that your IAS Preparation is on the right track by checking the questions in the previous year exam.
  • Solve the preceding year examination but DO NOT rely on them completely as according to the latest trends, the repetition of the questions is rare.
  • The part of the Indian culture and heritage covers all the important aspects of the ancient and modern times and hence try to remember each and every important fact.
  • In the history section, the date plays a vital role which is also difficult to memorize. In order to remember the same, it is required to write them on flash cards and keep memorizing all the time like in the morning, while walking etc.

General Studies Paper 2

This portion includes the following topics:

  • International relations
  • Constitution
  • Governance
  • Social justice and Politics (Polity)

Tips to prepare General Studies Paper 2

  • For this portion, the student must know the detail issues that pertain to Indian political system.
  • To know the Indian political system along with the details of the International relations are compulsory and also some of the important areas that require student’s attention.

General Studies Paper 3

This Paper includes:

  • Technology
  • Environment and Bio – Diversity
  • Economic Development
  • Security and Disaster management

Tips to prepare General Studies Paper 3

  • Regarding economic development, one should have the knowledge about taxation and spending pattern.
  • For technology portion, knowing each and every fact and advancement in the modern technology is enough for IAS Preparation.

General Studies Paper 4

This Paper includes the questions from the following portions:

  • Ethics
  • Integrity
  • Aptitude

Tips to prepare General Studies Paper 4

  • This section is more of general nature and the answers will be prepared on the spot but the understanding of the basic concept is the must.
  • This tests the aspirant’s ability to draw conclusions from the given information. This segment has to be practiced a lot for IAS Preparation.

English Language

It is required to improvise this language not only for the main examination but also for the interview round.

Tips to prepare English Language

  • Although the English language is now widely used in our daily life, but from the examination point of view, there are various aspects that need to be practiced.
  • First of all, it is obligatory to strengthen the vocabulary section. Try to learn 5 new words daily and write them on the piece of paper. Use these words while speaking wherever necessary.
  • Read online journals, English newspapers so as to improvise and enhance the vocabulary part.
  • Essays and comprehensions can be easily practiced by the online test. This will make the IAS Preparation much better.

Toppers Speak on IAS Preparation / Civil Services Exam Preparation

  • Do not cram the facts, try to understand them as conceptual clarity is needed.
  • A good presence of mind is required to eliminate the least appropriate option. Therefore, do not stressed out with the pressure.
  • The equation becomes easier if stress is subtracted and motivation is added.
  • Meditation and Yoga are the best way to deal this peer pressure.
  • Make the perfect routine and stick to it no matter what happens.

Books recommended for IAS Preparation

Indian Economy: Performance and Policies by Uma Kapila Buy Online
India’s Ancient Past by RS Sharma Buy Online
History of Medieval India by Satish Chandra Buy Online
History of Modern India by Bipan Chandra Buy Online
Indian Polity by M. Laxmikanth Buy Online
Marching Ahead With Science by Biman Basu (NBT) Buy Online
From Government to Governance a Brief Survey of the Indian Experience by Kuldeep Mathur (NBT) Buy Online
Future of Indian Agriculture PB
by Alagh Y K (NBT)
Buy Online
Constitution of India by PM Bakshi Buy Online
India’s Foreign Policy by V.P. Dutt Buy Online
Certificate Physical and Human Geography by Goh Cheng Leong Buy Online
India Yearbook by Publication Division Buy Online
Manorama Yearbook Buy Online
Constitutional Questions in India by A.G. Noorani Buy Online
Indian Economic Development by TR Jain and VK Ohri Buy Online
India and the Dynamics of World Politics by Reetika Sharma Buy Online

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