Namami Bansal – AIR 17 of “UPSC Civil Services Examination”

Name Namami Bansal
UPSC Roll No. 0950301
IAS Attempts 4
College Lady Shri Ram College
School Nirmal Deep School Rishikesh
Work Experience The Economics
State Uttarakhand

Ques.- Congratulations Ms. Namami. How does it feel to be getting AIR 17 Rank in UPSC IAS Examination”?

It feels great. Very happy, a lot more grateful.

Ques.- Please tell us about your School life and College life.

I did schooling from my hometown and Eco hons from LSR, Delhi

Ques.- Please tell us about your family.

My father is a businessman. My mother is a homemaker. My younger brother is working as a PO in SBI. Together they make the most supportive family a person can hope to have.

Ques.- Please share your success mantra?

Perseverance, determination and hard work.

Ques.- What all hurdles did you face while preparing for it?

Some changes in prelims pattern and lesser guidance for economics optional.

Ques.- After doing graduation you had many opportunities, what made you to choose UPSC Civil services?

I always wanted to get into civil services and serve my nation.

Ques.- How did you prepare for UPSC? Have you gone to any coaching institute or you studied on your own? If you attended any coaching then do you think coaching is essential?

I did self-study. Coaching is discretional depending upon one’s strategy.

Ques.- What study material (like List of Books) did you use for studying for the UPSC examination?

I read standard books and graduation textbooks for economics.

Ques.- What was your strategy for General Studies and English?

I relied on my notes from newspapers and online sources like, Pib etc. For English paper no specific preparation.

Ques.- Please share your Interview experience with us?

It was based mostly on economy current affairs both national and international.

Ques.- What were your optional subjects? What was the basis of selecting these optionals?

Economics, my graduation subject.

Ques.- What will be your priority in your service?

I want to work for girl child education.

Ques.- Whom would you credit your success?

My parents and my brother. They have been the rock solid support system through various ups and downs.

Ques.- Would you like to Convey any message to the future aspirants?

Live your dream, give it your 100%. Self-belief, patience and hard work can make anything possible.

Ques.- What are your future plans?

I am excited and looking forward to training ahead.

UPSC Civil Services Exam

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