Ever dreamed about bringing the change you want to see whether on a small or a big level. Your dream can become reality. The means that you can use is IAS. It is an abbreviation used to designate the All India services examination called – Indian Administrative Services. The exam is one of the prestigious and competitive exams in India. The exam is conducted by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). Any candidate who clears IAS can be deployed at key positions in the Union Government, State government and Public Sector Undertaking. Not anyone can become an IAS, but anyone from anywhere can become an IAS. Only thing you need to do is try and try. There is no escaping to that. In IAS, candidates are recruited through Civil Services Examination conducted by UPSC.

Well! preparing for IAS can be really exhausting but not at all impossible. We have often heard some misconceptions that are unnecessarily attached to the term IAS. Today we bring those to you and would like you to share if you have had similar experiences. We will rejoice your experiences in the comments section below. You can share the difficulties you have observed while preparing for IAS and also enlighten us regarding the misconceptions about cracking IAS exams. If you have cracked IAS, please share the tips as well.

1IAS can be cracked only by lucky people

It’s true! That only a few lucky ones can crack IAS, but why do you think that you are not amongst those lucky ones. Only because you did not clear it in first attempt. Or you have had some failure experienced earlier. Was that incident such a big tragedy that it shattered your self-confidence to pieces. Have you heard of the phrase that- Stars cannot shine without the darkness”.

Remember friends a negative mind will never you give you a positive life. Our pessimistic attitude gets so much imbibed into our thinking that we leave no ray of hope for any good to happen. Even if anything good does come, we believe it to be a miracle.

Well friends! A river cuts through rock not because of it’s power but because of its persistence. If we are dedicated and passionate about what we want to achieve, nothing can stop us. We can be the lucky ones. Cracking IAS is no less than a miracle, but if you just wish something miraculous happens with you without any effort, then it is simply your imagination. A goal without a plan is just a wish.

2You need to study Night and Day to crack IAS

I would not call this point as a misconception, but let’s look at this fact from another point of view. For instance, if your family has suddenly planned a trip to your favourite destination and you had no packing done whatsoever. You haven’t bought any new clothes or even gathered the necessary items. You realise that there are hardly 2 days left for your packing. Would you say that only a few lucky ones get to go to their favourite destination or try to pack your bags within the time frame you have left. I think you will choose the latter option.

The same can be applied to any competitive exam. In this case, IAS. Let us say that cracking IAS is your favorite destination and you have to prepare for it within the time frame you have left with you. It’s a guarantee that you will have no complaints and only focus on your goal. So what! studying a little longer, if not day and night, is required. You will cherish the day and proudly share the tips with other IAS aspirants. Isn’t that great. People will thank you for inspiring them.

3A few days of laziness

There will be days when you feel a little bit off the beat. But what’s a glory without a few bruises. It is a natural reaction of mind. Our mind feel bored of the momentous activities that you follow every day unless there is a personal gain in it. However, if you are working towards something like IAS, which is an exciting goal, the vision itself will motivate you to keep on going. Times are never rough on people. People are the ones who turn sensitive to injuries.

4If you want to crack IAS, then do not spend time enjoying

There is a great saying that- our mind is like a parachute, it works only when it is open. Friends! You need to realise that following a strict or disciplined schedule does not at all imply that you take no time out for yourself. In fact. Studies show that continuous studies can create fatigue of mind. It can result in tired mind and low grasping capacity. Being consistent is necessary. Meaning even if you are studying for 3 hours a day, it means that you spend 3 hours a day everyday rather than studying 6 hours a day and no studying for the next few. You need to have developing interest in your studies. And that can come only when your mind is happy. Take some time time out for yourself. You can go out for a walk. You can enjoy cooking or playing some music. Anything you want. The idea is to never let your mind get bored of the tasks that you are assigning for yourself.

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