Tehri Hydro Power Complex (THDC) is a joint venture of the government of India and government of Uttar Pradesh. The Equity is shared in the ratio of 75:25 between Government of India and Government of Uttar Pradesh. THDCIL was conferred Mini Ratna–Category-1 status in Oct-2009 and upgraded to Schedule A PSU in July-2010 by the Govt. of India.The Company started in July 1988 to develop, operate & maintain the 2400 MW Tehri Hydro Power Complex and other hydro projects. Now this corporation has grown into a multi-project organization and these projects are spread in various states of India and neighboring countries like Bhutan.The Company has an authorized share capital of Rs. 4000 crores. THDCIL is a Mini Ratna Category-I and Schedule ‘A’ CPSE.It now has a portfolio of 14 projects and its total capacity is 5719 MW under various stages of development.THDCIL is consistently profit making company since commissioning of Tehri Dam & HPP in the year 2006-07.

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Projects Allotted to THDC:

  • Plants Under Operations
  1. Tehri Dam & HPP (1000 MW ), Tehri
  2. Koteshwar HEP (400 MW), Koteshwar, Tehri
  3. Patan Wind Power Project (50MW), Patan, Gujarat
  4. Devbhumi Dwarka Wind Power Project (63MW), Gujarat
  • Projects Under Constructions
  1. Tehri Pumped Storage Plant (1000 MW), Tehri
  2. Vishnugad Pipalkoti HEP (444 MW), Chamoli
  3. Dhukwan SHEP (24 MW), Dhukwan, Jhanshi

New Projects

In Uttarakhand

  1. Jhelum Tamak HEP (108 MW), Chamoli
  2. Gohana Tal HEP (50MW), Chamoli
  3. Bokang Bailing HEP (330 MW), Pithoragarh 40 40 40-41 B


Malsej Ghat PSS (700MW), Pune 42-45 C


  1. Sankosh HEP (2585 MW)
  2. Bunakha HEP (180 MW)

The Objective of the Company:

  • The Corporation’s objectives are as under:
    Finalization and signing of Implementation Agreement with Maharashtra State Govt. for 700 MW Malshej Ghat PSS
  • Commissioning of 50 MW Wind Power Project in Gujarat.
  • Commissioning of 50 MW Solar Power Project in Kerala.
  • Formation of Joint Venture with Bhutanese PSU for implementation of Bunakha HEP.
  • Plugging of diversion tunnel of Koteshwar HEP.
  • Utilization of the available in-house technical and managerial expertise to take up consultancy assignments as part of business diversification.

Long-Term Objective

  • To ensure commissioning of the following Projects within XIIIth Plan.
  • To reach up to an installed capacity of 250 MW in the renewable energy sector (Wind Power and Solar Power) upto XIII Plan.
1. Khurja STPP 1320 MW
2. Bunakha HEP 180MW
3. Malshej Ghat PSS 700MW

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