HSSC Patwari Answer Key 2019

JK SET Previous Year Question Papers – The Previous Year Question Papers of JK SET exam should be solved by all the candidates. The Previous year papers are available as a complete book as well as online. The papers are available for all the subjects so that the candidates can solve them and have a better idea about the exam pattern. The candidates are also able to form a complete understanding of the level of the questions which are generally asked in the exam. Hence, the JK SET Previous Year Question Papers are a complete reference for the exam aspirants.

JK SET Previous Year Papers

The previous year papers are available online as well as offline.

JK SET Previous Year Question Papers – Important Points

  • The candidates that have just started the exam preparation should solve the offline papers. This way they will be more comfortable in solving the questions from the sections which have been prepared and there will be no constraints.
  • When the candidates have completed the majority of the syllabus, they should solve the Previous Year Question Papers of JK SET online.
  • Generally, the online papers will have timers too which will help candidates in checking their preparation in the real time environment. This will also offer a better time management tool to them.

JK SET Previous Year Question Papers – The EXTRA bits

  • While solving the previous year papers, the candidates have the tendency to look for the answers even before they have completely read the question statement.
  • This eventually develops into a habit and the candidates tend to focus less on the question and more on the answers.
  • To avoid this thing, they should keep the answers’ pages in another room and match the answers only AFTER the paper has been completely solved by them.
  • Solve the Previous Year Papers of JK SET on a daily basis. Solve only those questions which are from the sections that are completely prepared.
  • Solve the papers from a reputed publisher ONLY as this will guarantee that the answers are right.



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