AFCAT Answer Key 2017 – Answer Key of AFCAT 02/2017 of exam held on 27 Aug 2017 can be viewed here after the exam. Candidates who have appeared in the IAF AFCAT 02/2017 can view here the AFCAT 2017 Question Papers and Answer Keys after the examination conducted by Indian Air Force. For all the questions asked in exam question paper, correct answers (the exam is Multiple Choice Question type) are indicated in the AFCAT Answer Key 2017 of the IAF AFCAT 02/2017. Result of AFCAT 2017 will be declared once the papers have been checked and cut off for selection decided by IAF.

AFCAT( Air Force Common Admission Test ) is the examination which a candidate undergoes to be eligible for the recruitment in the Indian Air Force (IAF) in all the different branches. Indian Air Force officially established on 8th October 1932 is the world’s fourth largest power today. With its primary objective to support Indian Army during war conflicts since its genesis in the British Empire, Indian Air Force cater to the needs of Indian army as an auxiliary power.

Event Date
Date of AFCAT 02/2017 27 Aug 2017
Date of Release of Answer Key To be announced
Declaration of Result Click Here

AFCAT 02/2017 Answer Key 2017, Question Papers and Solutions


Air Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT) 02/2017 held on 27 Aug 2017. Several candidates appeared for the exam along with EKT.

Check Answer Key here – Link to check answer key of AFCAT 02/2017 will be available here.

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The AFCAT question paper contained multiple choice questions on verbal ability, numerical ability, reasoning, general awareness, and military aptitude. Duration of the exam was two (2) hours.

The exam conducting body does not officially release answer keys of AFCAT, however unofficial answer keys released by coaching centers and teachers are published here after the exam.

All the candidates who wish to join the Indian Air Force for flying branch, or technical branch, or ground duty branch will have to clear the AFCAT (02) 2017 exam. Answer keys of the AFCAT question paper will help a candidate assess the chances of selection.

Minimum marks required to qualify – AFCAT Cut Off

  • AFCAT 01 / 2011 cut off was 85.
  • AFCAT 02 / 2011 cut off was 88.
  • AFCAT 01 / 2012 cut off was 135.
  • AFCAT 02 / 2012 cut off was 143.
  • AFCAT 01 / 2013 cut off was 144.
  • AFCAT 02 / 2013 cut off was 116.
  • AFCAT 02 / 2014 cut off was 127.
  • AFCAT 02 / 2014 cut off was 123.
  • AFCAT 01 / 2015 cut off was 126.
  • AFCAT 02 / 2015 cut off was 144.
  • AFCAT 01 / 2016 cut off was 132.
  • AFCAT 02 / 2016 cut off was 148.
  • AFCAT 01 / 2017 cut off was 150.

Expected AFCAT 2017 Cut Off

  • It is expected that AFCAT 2017 cut off will be between 140 to 150. Narrower range of expectation will be updated after exam analysis is done for AFCAT 2017. In the meantime you can refer to Previous year’s answer keys and solutions.

AFCAT Question Papers

Question paper of AFCAT has been published. AFCAT Exam question papers will help the candidates to prepare for the next AFCAT exam.

Click Here for AFCAT Question Paper

AFCAT 01/2017 Question Paper

Exam takers have shared questions with AglaSem, after exam. Thank you guys! We are further sharing them with you all so that you can benefit from them, to know answers and also to prepare for future AFCAT exams.

GK Questions asked in AFCAT 01/2017 Based On Memory

  • Army chief in oct 2016
  • Bronze age king
  • Character of Aladdin belongs to which book
  • Classical dance of Kerla
  • Diamond country of the world
  • Dipa kamarakar score in the final round in rio Olympics
  • first black to lead the Olympic contingent of usa in 1960 olympics
  • First NSA of india
  • Highest tower of the world
  • In which south Korean city asian games 2014 was conducted
  • Macedonio empire belongs to which age
  • Mayanmar old name
  • Name the port made in iran by india
  • Name the port made in Pakistan by china
  • Navy chief in oct 2016
  • NSA of USA in 2016
  • Old name of USA
  • Oldest active volcano of the world
  • Salal project is on which river
  • What is sin bin is ice hockey
  • Where is head office of International court of justice
  • Which curban racer is called the horse
  • Which is deepest trench in the world
  • Which is not an inert give – Argon, Helium, Hrdrogen , XENON
  • Which is the oldest refinery in India
  • which pm gave mandal commission
  • Which religion was founded by Akbar
  • Which states produce more banana
  • Who became PM after death of rajiv Gandhi
  • Who defeated P.V.Sindhu in finall in Rio Olympics
  • Who has been appointed(sportsperson) form Indian as member of IOC
  • Who is satayjit ray
  • Who was given out first time by a third umpire in test
  • Who was the 23rd thitkar of Jainism
  • Who was the first governor general of India
  • Who was the first governor general of india after independence
  • Who was the first thirtkar of Jainism
  • Who wrote padmavat
  • Yarlung Zangbo is tha name of which river

Odd One Out Questions asked in AFCAT 01/2017 Based On Memory

  • Cabbage, Brinjal, Sweet Guard
  • May, July, August, December
  • Leo,euator, Cancer, Scorpio
  • Yellow , Violet, Green, Black

Analogy Questions asked in AFCAT 01/2017 Based On Memory

  • Assam-bihu, Kerela -?
  • Hemoglobin-iron, Chlorophiyl-?
  • Kandla-gujarat, Kochin -?
  • Rubby-red,sapphire-?

Venn Diagram asked in AFCAT 01/2017 Based On Memory

  • Bus , Train, Traveller
  • Practise, Exam , Question
  • Rabi crops, Paddy, Wheat

Synonyms asked in AFCAT 01/2017 Based On Memory

  • Applaud
  • Harbinger
  • Idiocy
  • Passe
  • Silence

Idioms And Phrases asked in AFCAT 01/2017 Based On Memory

  • Halycon Days
  • One Who Eats One’s Word
  • To Hit The Nail On Head
  • To Keep The Wolf From Door

Spelling asked in AFCAT 01/2017 Based On Memory

  • Accreditation
  • Vicarious

Maths Questions asked in AFCAT 01/2017

  • 10 years ago the average age of a family of 4 member was 24, In mean time two child born by a gap of two yrs, what is the age of younger child if the average age family is same as it was 10 years ago.
  • 240 chocolates were brought at 9 per dozen ,and was sold at 1 re each, find the % loss or gain ?
  • A shopkeeper sell a tv 3000 on gain of 15% , he sells a different tv at loss of 10%. Over all he neither gain or loss . what is cost price or sp of second tv.
  • A shopkeeper sold one tablet and one smartphone of 12000, on smartphone he lost 25%, and gained 20% on the price of tablet . what is its total loss and gain .
  • A train 110m long running at the speed of 60km/hr , how long it will take to cross a man running in the opposite direction at the speed if 10km/hr.
  • Biku and mahtre fought elelction, Bikhu got 55% vote and 25% vote were declared invalid. Population of village is 6000. Find the vote given to mahtre
  • If 21% of a number is subtracted from 91 gives the same number , find the number.
  • If 445 boys and 356 girls have to be divided in section of same no of students either boy or girl alone then total no of section.
  • If 50% of is added to 84 gives the number , what is number ?
  • If a sum doubles in 4 year , how long it will take to become 4 times of sum on compound interest.
  • If A/B=4/3 then what is the value of of (9A-3B)/(9A+3B)
  • If one student got 77/100, 96/150, 103/350 in various subjects , what is the percentage average ?
  • The speed of a boat in river is 8 km/hr in still water, rate of river is 2km/hr. If boat takes 3hr 12 minutes to back and fro to a place then what is distance ?
  • XXXA is divisible by 9, what is the least natural no at A?



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