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AFCAT Answer Key 2018 – The Answer Key for AFCAT 01/2018 is now available here for the exam held on March 25, 2018. Previously, AFCAT answer key of exam held on February 25, 2018. AFCAT 01/2018 was held in two shifts on February 25, 2018. The AFCAT (01/2018) was cancelled at some exam centers due to some technical issues. The IAF is conducting a re-exam called AFCAT (01/2018) Supplementary Exam on March 24 & 25, 2018. The Answer Key for the both (initial and supplementary) the exam are released separately. The candidates should know that the answer key for the examination is not released officially. However, with the cooperation of the students, we are releasing memory based answer key of AFCAT 2018. Hence, now that exam is over you can check the memory based AFCAT Answer Key 2018 here. Candidates should also note that if by chance, Indian Air Force uploads the answer key this year, then we will provide it on this page.

AFCAT Answer Key 2018

AFCAT Answer Key 2018 of Exam Held on 25 March 2018

Help us publish the complete AFCAT Supplementary exam answer key!

Dear candidates. IAF has conducted supplementary exam on 24 and 25 March. Since question papers are not released officially, we are compiling memory based questions-answers. Please comment the questions in comments section below. We will give you its answer here. Some of the questions that have been sent by candidates are solved here.

Question: What is the capital of Tonga?

Answer: Nuku’alofa

Question: Which of the following not related to cricket?

Answer: Thomas Cup

Question: Top copper producing country

Answer: Chile

Question: Equator does not pass through

Answer: Europe

Question: Ghumar dance is related to which state

Answer: Rajasthan

Question: Who won maximum number of times in FIFA World Cup

Answer: Brazil

Question: Number of players in a basketball team?

Answer: 5

Question: Where is Great Dividing Range located?

Answer: Australia

Question: River originate from Mahabaleshwar

Answer: Krishna

Question: PT Usha lost Bronze medal in which year?

Answer: 1984

Question: Dynamic sound speaker is invented by?

Answer: Edward K Kellogg and Chester W Rice

Question: Where is ICJ (International Court of Justice) headquarter?

Answer: The Hague, Neteherland

Question: N’djamena is the capital of?

Answer: Chad

Question: Who design Lakshya missile?

Answer: DRDO

Question: Who won maximum medal in Olympic?

Answer: Michael Phelps

AFCAT Answer Key 2018 of Exam Held on 25 February 2018

Question: When was Indian National Congress founded?
Answer: 28 December 1885.

Question: Pugilist is a term used for player of a game. Identify the game.
Answer: Boxer / Boxing

Breaking News: AFCAT 01/2018 paper was cancelled at many centres. Read the whole story.

Question: Theyyam is a tradition of which state?
Answer: Kerala

Question: How many hurdles are there in 400m race?
Answer: Ten (10).

Question: In which two years were Asian games held in India?
Answer: 1951, 1982

Question: Who won 4 back to back titles in badminton?
Answer: K Srikanth

Question: When was modern Olympic started?
Answer:06 April 1896

Question: How many countries are there in Asia?

Question: What is the name of first artificial satellite of USA?
Answer: Explorer 1

Question: How many states does tropic of cancer pass through?
Answer: 8

Question: Who is the author of India divided?
Answer: Rajendra Prasad

Question: Speed of wind measured by?
Answer: Anemometer

Question: Which Indian won the national record in long jump?
Answer: Ankit Sharma

Question: NATO Headquarter?
Answer: Brussels, Belgium

Question: Tashkent agreement signed by?
Answer: Lal Bahadur Shastri and Ayub Khan

Question: Dams on the Chenab river?
Answer: Baglihar Dam, Dul Hasti Hydroelectric Plant, Khanki Headworks, Marala Headworks, Ratle Hydroelectric Plant, Salal Hydroelectric Power Station, Seli Hydroelectric Plant, Trimmu Barrage

Question: Panchatantra is written by whom?
Answer: Vishnu Sharma

Question: Ryder cup is associated with which sport?
Answer: Men’s golf

Question: On which river is Salal project?
Answer: Chenab river

Question: What is the test for measuring hardness of minerals in water?

Question: In which city was the first British factory established in India?
Answer: Machilipatnam

Question: In which year was the first FIFA world cup held?

Question: Guwahati is on the bank of which river?
Answer: Brahmaputra

Question: Who was the Governor general of India during formation of Indian National Congress?
Answer: Lord Dufferin

Question: Chakra in indian flag is taken from?

Question: Author of Sleeping on Jupiter?
Answer: Anuradha Roy

Question: How many stakeholders in Cauvery river dispute?

Question: Find odd one out : 1) Plassey 2) Haldighati 3) Sarnath 4) Panipat .
Answer: Sarnath

Question: In 1954 which French settlements joined to India?
Answer: Pondicherry

Question: With which company did Indian navy sign the latest MOU?
Answer: Tata

Question: Who is the first Indian woman to win the medal in long jump?
Answer: Anju Bobby George

Question: Who found American national red cross?
Answer: Clara Barton

Question: Choose the odd one. a.Pink b.Green c.Blue d.Yellow.
Answer: Pink

Question: Rank and file meaning

Question: What is the shape of crystal determined by?

Question: If a man goes upstream 10km and comes down taking total time 55min. If the speed of stream is 2 km/hr. Then find the speed of man in still water?

Question: 5/12 of what amount is equal to 3 mixed 3/4 of 100 ?

Dear Candidates,
Assist us in creating memory based answer key and paper analysis of AFCAT 2018. Share that questions with us which you remember. You may do so by leaving a comment in the comment box below. You may also send us your analysis of the examination or any other details related to the question paper or the exam.

Several candidates have appeared for the exam along with EKT. Building memory based answer key is a combined effort. The more of you will participate in the process, the better AFCAT answer key with question paper can be formed. So, do reach out to us after the examination and tell us all the questions that you remember.

Event Date
Date of AFCAT 01/2018 25 Feb 2018
Date of Release of Answer Key 25 Feb 2018
Date of AFCAT 01/2018 (Supplementary exam) 24 & 25 Mar 2018
Date of Release of Answer Key (Supplementary exam) To be announced
Declaration of Result May/Jun 2018

IAF AFCAT 2018 Official Website: www.careeerairforce.nic.in

The AFCAT question paper contains multiple choice questions on verbal ability, numerical ability, reasoning, general awareness, and military aptitude. Duration of the exam is two (2) hours.

All the candidates who wish to join the Indian Air Force for Flying Branch, or Technical Branch, or Ground Duty Branch will have to clear the AFCAT 01/2018 exam. Answer keys of the AFCAT question paper will help a candidate assess the chances of selection.

AFCAT 2018 Result

If the AFCAT 2018 Question Papers and Answer Keys are provided then the candidates will be able to easily evaluate their performance in the examination. However, if such does not happen then the candidates will have to wait for the release of AFCAT result to know if they qualified the exam or not. The AFCAT Result 2018 will be released online, on careerairforce.nic.in. To check the result, the candidates will have to seek their Roll Number in the result pdf.

AFCAT 2018 Cutoff

AFCAT 01/2018 cutoff will be declared after the written exam. Candidate can check previous year’s cutoff marks from below:

Minimum marks required to qualify – AFCAT Cut Off

AFCAT Cut Offs

AFCAT Cutoff
AFCAT 01 / 2017 150
AFCAT 02 / 2016 148
AFCAT 01 / 2016 132
AFCAT 02 / 2015 144
AFCAT 01 / 2015 126
AFCAT 02 / 2014 123
AFCAT 02 / 2014 127
AFCAT 02 / 2013 116
AFCAT 01 / 2013 144
AFCAT 02 / 2012 143
AFCAT 01 / 2012 135
AFCAT 02 / 2011 88
AFCAT 01 / 2011 85

Why AFCAT Answer Key 2018 Is Memory-Based

Usually, the answer key is not released for the computer-based paper. Until last year, AFCAT was held in Pen and Paper based mode, even then AFCAT Answer Keys were not released. This year AFCAT has been held in online mode for the first time. Again it is expected that answer key for it will not be provided.

However, the collective effort can lead to great success. Similarly, on the basis of memory of numerous candidates, the details of the exam is extracted. Then, on the basis of it, the AFCAT Paper Analysis and AFCAT Answer Key can be predicted.

About AFCAT 2018

AFCAT (Air Force Common Admission Test) is an examination which a candidate undergoes to be eligible for the recruitment in the Indian Air Force (IAF) in all the different branches. Indian Air Force officially established on 8th October 1932 is the world’s fourth-largest power today. With its primary objective to support Indian Army during war conflicts since its genesis in the British Empire, Indian Air Force cater to the needs of Indian army as an auxiliary power.

AFCAT Answer Keys Archives

Memory-Based AFCAT 02/2017 Question Paper & Key

Exam takers have shared questions with AglaSem, after the exam. Thank you, guys! We are further sharing them with you all so that you can benefit from them, to know answers and also to prepare for future AFCAT exams.

Question: 2018 Asian games will be hosted by?

Answer: Indonesia was approved as the host of the Games by Olympic Council of Asia executive board on 19 September 2014. They will host the Games in 2018 rather than the originally planned 2019 to avoid conflict with the Indonesian presidential election.

Question: Animal farms author?

Answer: George Orwell

Question: Best cricketer 2016?

Answer: ICC Cricketer of the Year (Sir Garfield Sobers Trophy) – Ravichandran Ashwin (India)

Question: Caddie and bogey are related to which sport?

Answer: Golf

Question: Capital of Syria?

Answer: Damascus

Question: Capital of Tajikistan?

Answer: Dushanbe, on the Varzob River, is the capital of Tajikistan.

Question: Capital of Uzbekistan?

Answer: Tashkent

Question: Decommissioned ship in March 2017?

Answer: INS Viraat

Question: First Deputy PM of India?

Answer: The first Deputy Prime Minister of India was Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, who was also the home minister in Jawaharlal Nehru’s cabinet. The office has since been only intermittently occupied. The seventh and last deputy prime minister was L. K.

Question: Gandhiji started his 1st satyagraha from?

Answer: The Champaran Satyagraha of 1917, in the Champaran district of Bihar, India during the period of the British Raj, was the first Satyagraha movement inspired by Mohandas Gandhi and a major revolt in the Indian Independence Movement. Another important Satyagraha just after this revolt was Kheda Satyagraha.

Question: Headquarter of WHO?

Answer: Geneva, Switzerland

Question: How many players are there in the court for a basketball team?

Answer: The time allowed is actual playing time; the clock is stopped while the play is not active. Therefore, games generally take much longer to complete than the allotted game time, typically about two hours. Five players from each team may be on the court at one time.

Question: Iltutmish was from which dynasty?

Answer: Shams ud-Din Iltutmish was the third ruler of the Delhi Sultanate, belonging to the Mamluk dynasty. Iltutmish consolidated the position of the sultanate in the Indian subcontinent.

Question: International date line passes through which strait?

Answer: (Wrangel Island lies directly on the meridian at 71°32′N 180°0′E, also noted as 71°32′N 180°0′W.) It then passes through the Bering Strait between the Diomede Islands at a distance of 1.5 kilometers (0.93 mi) from each island at 168°58′37″ W.

Question: Jeev milkha Singh is related to which sport?

Answer: Jeev Milkha Singh (born 15 December 1971) is an Indian professional golfer who became the first player from India to join the European Tour in 1998. He has won four events on the European Tour, becoming the most successful Indian on tour.

Question: Keoladeo Ghana national park located in?

Answer: Keoladeo National Park, located in Bharatpur, the State of Rajasthan, is an important wintering ground of Palaearctic migratory waterfowl and is renowned for its large congregation of non-migratory resident breeding birds.

Question: Michael Ferreira is related to which sport?

Answer: Michael Ferreira, nicknamed “the Bombay Tiger”, is notable amateur player of English billiards from India, and a three-time Amateur World Champion.

Question: Mohiniattam is a folk dance of which state?

Answer: Mohiniyattam, the dance of an enchantress, is a traditional dance which originated in the state of Kerala in India. It is named after Mohini, the Hindu mythological beauty.

Question: Oscar for best movie in 2017?

Answer: Moonlight

Question: Pampas is located in?

Answer: The Pampas of South America are a grassland biome. They are flat, fertile plains that covers an area of 300,000 sq. miles or 777,000 square kilometers, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Andes Mountains. It is found primarily in Argentina and extends into Uruguay.

Question: Prairies are grasslands of which country?

Answer: Temperate grassland regions include the Pampas of Argentina, southern Brazil and Uruguay as well as the steppes of Eurasia. Lands typically referred to as “prairie” tend to be in North America.

Question: Sahyadri is also known as?

Answer: Western Ghats (also known as Sahyadri, meaning The Benevolent Mountains) is a mountain range that runs parallel to the western coast of the Indian peninsula, located entirely in India.

Question: Thomas cup related to?

Answer: The Thomas Cup, sometimes called the World Men’s Team Championships, is an international badminton competition among teams representing member nations of the Badminton World Federation (BWF), the sport’s global governing body.

Question: UNESCO Headquarters?

Answer: Paris, France

Question: Where is Lothal from IVC located?

Answer: Lothal is one of the most prominent cities of the ancient Indus valley civilization, located in the Bhāl region of the modern state of Gujarāt

Question: Which state won Vijay Hazare Trophy 2016-17?

Answer: 2016–17 Vijay Hazare Trophy was the 15th season of the Vijay Hazare Trophy, a List A cricket tournament in India. It was contested by the 28 domestic cricket teams of India. Tamil Nadu won the tournament, beating Bengal by 37 runs in the final

Question: Who got Nobel prize for ‘ The Old Man and the Sea?

Answer: The Nobel Prize in Literature 1954 was awarded to Ernest Hemingway “for his mastery of the art of narrative, most recently demonstrated in The Old Man and the Sea, and for the influence that he has exerted on contemporary style”.

Question: Who is the chief of Air staff?

Answer: Air Chief Marshal Birender Singh Dhanoa

Question: Who is the defense secretary during indo-china war 1962?

Answer: K. Krishna Menon

Question: Who proposed the Preamble before the Drafting Committee of the Constitution

Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru

Question: Whom did PV Sindhu beat to win Indian super series?

Answer: PV Sindhu clinched the India Open title after beating Carolina Marin 21-19

GK Questions asked in AFCAT 01/2017 Based On Memory

  • Army chief in Oct 2016
  • Bronze age king
  • Character of Aladdin belongs to which book
  • Classical dance of Kerala
  • Diamond country of the world
  • Dipa kamarakar score in the final round in Rio Olympics
  • first black to lead the Olympic contingent of USA in 1960 olympics
  • First NSA of india
  • Highest tower of the world
  • In which south Korean city asian games 2014 was conducted
  • Macedonio empire belongs to which age
  • Mayanmar old name
  • Name the port made in iran by india
  • Name the port made in Pakistan by china
  • Navy chief in oct 2016
  • NSA of USA in 2016
  • Old name of USA
  • Oldest active volcano of the world
  • Salal project is on which river
  • What is sin bin is ice hockey
  • Where is head office of International court of justice
  • Which curban racer is called the horse
  • Which is the deepest trench in the world
  • Which is not an inert give – Argon, Helium, Hydrogen , XENON
  • Which is the oldest refinery in India
  • which pm gave mandal commission
  • Which religion was founded by Akbar
  • Which states produce more banana
  • Who became PM after death of rajiv Gandhi
  • Who defeated P.V.Sindhu in finall in Rio Olympics
  • Who has been appointed(sportsperson) form Indian as member of IOC
  • Who is satayjit ray
  • Who was given out first time by a third umpire in test
  • Who was the 23rd thitkar of Jainism
  • Who was the first governor-general of India
  • Who was the first governor general of india after independence
  • Who was the first thirtkar of Jainism
  • Who wrote Padmavat
  • Yarlung Zangbo is the name of which river

Odd One Out Questions asked in AFCAT 01/2017 Based On Memory

  • Cabbage, Brinjal, Sweet Guard
  • May, July, August, December
  • Leo,equator, Cancer, Scorpio
  • Yellow, Violet, Green, Black

Analogy Questions asked in AFCAT 01/2017 Based On Memory

  • Assam-Bihu, Kerela -?
  • Hemoglobin-iron, Chlorophyl-?
  • Kandla-Gujarat, Kochin -?
  • Ruby-red, sapphire-?

Venn Diagram asked in AFCAT 01/2017 Based On Memory

  • Bus, Train, Traveller
  • Practise, Exam, Question
  • Rabi crops, Paddy, Wheat

Synonyms asked in AFCAT 01/2017 Based On Memory

  • Applaud
  • Harbinger
  • Idiocy
  • Passe
  • Silence

Idioms And Phrases asked in AFCAT 01/2017 Based On Memory

  • Halycon Days
  • One Who Eats One’s Word
  • To Hit The Nail On Head
  • To Keep The Wolf From Door

Spelling asked in AFCAT 01/2017 Based On Memory

  • Accreditation
  • Vicarious

Maths Questions Asked in AFCAT 01/2017

  • 10 years ago the average age of a family of 4membersr was 24, In the meantime, two children born by a gap of two yrs, what is the age of younger child if the average age family is same as it was 10 years ago.
  • 240 chocolates were brought at 9 per dozen, and was sold at 1 re each, find the % loss or gain?
  • A shopkeeper sells a tv 3000 on gain of 15% , he sells a different tv at loss of 10%. Overall he neither gain or loss . what is cost price or sp of second tv.
  • A shopkeeper sold one tablet and one smartphone of 12000, on smartphone he lost 25%, and gained 20% on the price of tablet . what is its total loss and gain .
  • A train 110m long running at the speed of 60km/hr , how long it will take to cross a man running in the opposite direction at the speed if 10km/hr.
  • Biku and mahtre fought elelction, Bikhu got 55% vote and 25% vote were declared invalid. Population of village is 6000. Find the vote given to mahtre
  • If 21% of a number is subtracted from 91 gives the same number , find the number.
  • If 445 boys and 356 girls have to be divided in section of same no of students either boy or girl alone then total no of section.
  • If 50% of is added to 84 gives the number, what is a number ?
  • If a sum doubles in 4 years, how long it will take to become 4 times of sum on compound interest.
  • If A/B=4/3 then what is the value of of (9A-3B)/(9A+3B)
  • If one student got 77/100, 96/150, 103/350 in various subjects, what is the percentage average?
  • The speed of a boat in the river is 8 km/hr in still water, rate of river is 2km/hr. If boat takes 3hr 12 minutes to back and fro to a place then what is the distance?
  • XXXA is divisible by 9, what is the least natural no at A?



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  1. Max no of olympic medals- Michael phelps
    Country which won max FIFA- brazil
    International Court of Justice – hague

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