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RRB Group D Physical Efficiency Test (PET) 2019 – Physical Efficiency Test held on March 26, 2019, for RRC NCR is going to take place again due to technical reasons. However, the dates of the PET for RRC NCR has not been announced yet. This time PET is going to be conducted by RRC rather than RRB. So, from now on for all the details related to Physical Efficiency Test, candidates should visit the zonal websites of the RRCs. Physical Test is qualifying in nature. Candidates who qualify the Group D Physical Efficiency Test 2019, are called for a Document Verification. More information about RRB Group D Physical Efficiency Test (PET) 2019 is given on this page.

Latest: RRB Group D PET exam for RRC NCR will be held again due to technical reasons.

RRB Group D Physical Efficiency Test (PET)

In the Physical efficiency test, a candidate is required to perform certain tasks within a time limit. It is mandatory for the candidates to pass the PET exam. Candidates can check the Group D PET 2019 dates RRC wise from the table below.

RRC (RRB) PET Exam Dates Issuance of Admit Card
ECoR (Bhubneshwar) 18 to 20 Mar 2019 10 Mar 2019
SR (Chennai) 22 Mar 2019 11 Mar 2019
SER (Ranchi) 25 to 28 Mar 2019 To be Announced
SCR (Secunderabad) 25 to 26 Mar 2019 18 Mar 2019
WCR (Bhopal) 25 to 30 Mar 2019 14 Mar 2019
NWR (Ajmer) 25 Mar to 01 Apr 2019 15 Mar 2019
NER (Gorakhpur) 26 Mar to 01 Apr 2019 15 Mar 2019
NCR (Allahabad) 26 Mar 2019 15 Mar 2019
ECR (Patna) 26 Mar to 03 Apr 2019
03 Apr to 06 Apr 2019
16 Mar 2019
19 Mar 2019
CR (Mumbai) 27 Mar 2019 11 Mar 2019
SWR (Bangalore) 27 Mar 2019 16 Mar 2019
ER (Kolkata) 28 Mar to 04 Apr 2019 15 Mar 2019
NFR (Guwahati) 29 Mar 2019 15 Mar 2019
NR (Chandigarh) To be Announced 12 Mar 2019
WR (Ahmedabad) To be Announced 12 Mar 2019
SECR (Bilaspur) To be Announced 14 Mar 2019
Physical Efficiency Test:
  • Click here to check the list of eligible candidates for RRB PET 2019 RRC NER Gorakhpur.
  • Click here to check the list of eligible candidates for RRB PET 2019 RRC WCR Bhopal.
  • Click here to check the list of eligible candidates for RRB PET 2019 RRC ER Kolkata.
  • Click here to check the RRB PET exam dates 2019 for RRC NCR Allahabad.

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RRB Group D PET Exam Dates Notice

2 April 2019 – RRC NCR has updated on their website that PET held on March 26, 2019, will be held again due to some technical reasons. The new exam dates have not been announced yet. Candidates should keep visiting the website for regular updates. Check the information given below to know in detail.

RRC NCR PET Exam Dates changed

29 March 2019 – RRC SECR has released a notice for the candidates who remain absent for PET held from 28 to 31 March 2019. The candidates are getting a second chance to appear for the PET round. To know in detail, check the notice given below.

RRC SECR PET Exam Dates changed

RRC NR PET Exam Dates Changed

26 March 2019 – Due to the technical issue, the RRC ECR exam dates have been changed. Check the notice given below to know in detail.

RRC ECR exam dates notice.

RRB PET Notice

As per the notice below, the Railway Recruitment Cell (RRC) has extended the PET dates for the candidates who have been named in the list as given below.

RRB Group D PET 2019 Admit Card

The admit card for PET is going to be available for the candidates 10 days prior to the exam. Till now, only Central Railway and North Eastern Railway have declared the dates for the Physical Test by which we can predict the dates of the admit card. The admit card is an important document as it contains important information related to the exam. So, candidates should keep it carefully til the time recruitment process gets over completely.

To download the admit card, candidates have to enter user id and password. RRB Group D Admit Card comprises of details like exam venue, where the physical exercise, details about the candidate, like Name, Date of Birth, Category, exam Timings, Batch etc. and some important instructions. A candidate must present the RRB Group D PET 2019 Admit Card on the day of the Physical examination. In the absence of the admit card, the candidate cannot appear for the RRB Group D PET 2019.

RRB Group D PET Travel Authority

Travel Pass is also going to be issued to the candidates belonging to reserved category, SC / ST. By this, candidates can travel throughout the recruitment process free of cost. The facility of RRB Group D Travel Pass is only provided to the SC and ST categories. Travel Pass is issued by the Railways so, candidates can travel only by train without spending a penny. In order to download the admit card, enter your Registration Number and Date of Birth.

The travel authority will only be issued to those candidates who have submitted the caste certificate during the filling of application form. To avail the facility of travel pass, candidates should ensure that they carry the admit card in a printed format and category certificate on the exam day.

RRB Group D Physical Efficiency Test

RRB Group D PET Criterion

A candidate needs to finish the assigned tasks in a certain amount of time. Only one chance is given to complete these tasks. These tasks must be completed within a time limit. Following is the criterion for RRB Group D PET

For Males

  • Run a distance of 100 meters in 2 minutes, while carrying a weight of 35 kgs.
  • Run a distance of 1000 meters in 4 minutes and 15 seconds.

For Females

  • Run a distance of 100 meters in 2 minutes, while carrying a weight of 20 kgs.
  • Run a distance of 1000 meters in 5 minutes and 40 seconds.

How to Prepare For RRB Group D Physical Efficiency Test (PET)

The RRB Group D PET requires a candidate to be physically fit and display their robustness. Here are some pointers related to RRB Group D Physical Efficiency Test(PET)

  • Make a morning based schedule, during the morning, the body has a lot of fresh energy. Early morning runs can help extract the best in one’s body. It is also beneficial to run in the morning if one prefers to run on the road, as the roads are empty and there is a lot of space to operate
  • Diet is crucial in this regard because one should remain supplemented with ample Carbohydrates and Protein to aid in the energy and strength process. Try to cut oily food as much as possible and eat a lot of green vegetables. Consume fruits like oranges, apple, and banana and for protein, one can take eggs and pulses.
  • Lifting weights in the gym should be done carefully and under the supervision of a trainer. Make a separate schedule for running and strength based training. It is not advisable to do both of them back to back. Try to create a considerable gap between both kinds of training.

RRB Group D Document Verification

Candidates, who qualify the RRB Group D Physical Efficiency Test 2019 are then called for a Document Verification(DV) process. Under this process, a candidate needs to produce all the relevant documents, proving the eligibility and educational claims made in the Application Form. Candidates, who fail to produce the documents on the day of Document Verification are not given an extension in terms of dates and should bring their documents positively during the Document Verification day.

RRB Group D Notice

RRB Group D

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