SSC CGL 4th June 2019

SSC CGL Question Paper with Answer Key 4 June 2019 – Here is the question paper and answer key of SSC CGL 2018-2019 Tier 1 exam held on 4 June 2019. SSC CGL 4 June 2019 was day 1 of the tier 1 exam. Staff Selection Commission has released Combined Graduate Level question paper, answer key, responses of exam dated 4 June 2019 at and you can see them here below. All candidates who appeared in shift 1, shift 2, shift 3 can check officially released SSC CGL Question Paper with Answer Key of 4 June 2019. Future SSC CGL aspirants can also utilize these question papers for practice purpose.

SSC CGL Result!

SSC CGL Question Paper with Answer Key 4 June 2019

Name of exam: SSC CGL 2018-2019 Tier 1
Date of exam: 04 Jun 2019
Shifts: Shift 1 (9 AM to 10 AM), Shift 2 (1 PM to 2 PM), Shift 3 (3 PM to 4 PM)
Check official answer key and challenge: Click here to check official answer key of SSC CGL and challenge it before 30 June (5 PM).

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SSC CGL Question Paper with Answer Key 4 June 2019 Shift 1

SSC CGL Question Paper Tier 1 2018 Exam - 04 jun 2019 first shift

SSC CGL Question Paper with Answer Key 4 June 2019 Shift 2

SSC CGL Question Paper Tier 1 2018 Exam - 04 jun 2019 second shift

SSC CGL Question Paper with Answer Key 4 June 2019 Shift 2 Hindi

SSC CGL Question Paper Tier 1 2018 Exam - 04 jun 2019 second shift (hindi)

SSC CGL Question Paper with Answer Key 4 June 2019 Shift 3

SSC CGL Question Paper Tier 1 2018 Exam - 04 jun 2019 third shift

Previously, we had shared memory based questions answers for you below.

Here are all the memory based questions and answers of SSC CGL exam held on June 4, 2019. You can also comment questions that you remember to get their answers.

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SSC CGL Memory Based Questions Asked and Answer Key 4th June 2019 – Shift 1, 2, 3

Qs 1. For discovery of what was JJ Thomson conferred Noble Prize?

Ans. JJ Thomson was awarded Nobel Prize in Physics in 1906 for his work on the conduction of electricity in gases.

Qs 2. To which state does Thoda dance belongs to?

Ans. Himachal Pradesh

Qs 3. To which state does Wadiyar dynasty belong to?

Ans. Mysore, Karnataka

Qs 4. What is the Cost of living index for India?

Ans. (options not known, please comment)

Qs 5. Who is the Chief Minister of Goa?

Ans. Pramod Sawant

Qs 6. Who was the first Chief Justice of India to be impeached?

Ans. Veeraswami Ramaswami

Qs 7. Of which river is Musi River a tributary of?

Ans. Krishna River

Qs 8. What is the currency of Bolivia?

Ans. Bolivian boliviano

Qs 9. Which is the world’s largest country?

Ans. Russia

Qs 10. Who is the founder of Facebook?

Ans. Mark Zuckerberg

Qs 11. Between which two countries is Samundra Shakti a military exercise?

Ans. India – Indonesia

Qs 12. Which is the largest river island?

Ans. Majuli

Qs 13. Which game will be introduced in 2022 olympics?

Ans. Options not known. On August 3, 2016, the IOC voted to add baseball/softball, karate, sport climbing, surfing, and skateboarding for the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Qs 14. Which ruler won the battle of 1526?

Ans. In 1526, the Mughal forces of Babur, the Timurid ruler of Kabulistan, defeated the much larger ruling army of Ibrahim Lodi,Sultan of Delhi.

Qs 15. What does Malimath Committee deal with?

Ans. Criminal Justice System

Qs 16. Who cut the Bodhi tree?

Ans. King Shashanka

Qs 17. Which ruler attacked the Somnath temple?

Ans. Mahmud Ghazni

Qs 18. 4:35 :: 9 : ?


Qs 19. Spelling correction

Ans. Correct spelling is Calendar

Qs 20. Synonym of Chronic


Qs 21. Antonym of Scarce


Qs 22. Idioms

Ans. To play ducks and drakes [to play ducks and drakes means to waste away, behave ruthlessly]

Qs 23. Who was the first female DGP of Pondicherry?

Ans. Kiran Bedi S. Sundari Nanda

Qs 24. Which country first introduced GST?

Ans. France

Qs 25. In which year was TISCO established?

Ans. 1907

SSC CGL Questions Asked and Answer Key 4th June 2019 – Shift 2

Qs 1. Who is the first female secretary general of SAARC?

Ans. Fathimath Dhiyana Saeed

Qs 2. Who is founder of Chaulakya Dynasty?

Ans. Pulakeshin I

Qs 3. Who is the first woman prime minister of world? 

Ans. Sirimavo Ratwatte Dias Bandaranaike (Sri Lanka)

Qs 4. Which of the acids taste sweeter?

Ans. Alanine

Qs 5. Which hormone in human body controls other hormones?

Ans. Hormones of the pituitary gland

Qs 6. Which of following is an aldehyde?

Ans. Propanal

Qs 7. When was Tiger Project launched?

Ans. 1973

Qs 8. Who is the Chief Minister of Assam?

Ans. Sarbananda Sonowal

Qs 9. Where was the Special Olympics 2019 held?

Ans. United Arab Emirates

Qs 10. Which instrument is used in one of the dance form of Sikkim?

Ans. (options not known, please comment)

Qs 11. Between which two is Banihal pass located?

Ans. This mountain range connects the Kashmir Valley in the Indian state Jammu and Kashmir to the outer Himalaya and plains to the south.

Qs 12. From which country were residuary powers taken?

Ans. Canada

Qs 13. Who is the Chief Justice of India?

Ans. Ranjan Gogoi

Qs 14. Where is Jim Corbett National Park located?

Ans. Uttrakhand

Qs 15. Who won Ranji trophy in 2018?

Ans. 2017-18, 2018-19 both won by Vidarbha

Qs 16. Of what are Buckminster and Fullerene allotropes of?

Ans. Carbon

Qs 17. What is ARPANET related to?

Ans. ARPANET was the network that became the basis for the Internet. Based on a concept first published in 1967, ARPANET was developed under the direction of the U.S. Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA).

Qs 18. Which kingdom doesn’t have monarch?

Ans. (options not known, please comment)

Qs 19. Which province did Chandragupta I get in dowry?

Ans. Pataliputra from Lichhavis

Qs 20. How many Mahajanapadas were there during Buddha period?

Ans. 16

Qs 21. Which article is related to uniform civil code?

Ans. It was decided to add the implementation of a uniform civil code in Article 44 of the Directive principles of the Constitution specifying, “The State shall endeavour to secure for citizens a uniform civil code throughout the territory of India.”

Qs 22. One Word Substitution

Ans. Native, Migrant

Qs 23. Idioms

Ans. Cost an arm and leg

Qs 24. Logical Venn diagram ( Parent, rich person, farmer)


Qs 25. Synonym of Garrulous


Qs 26. Antonym of Tilt


Qs 27. ABC and DEF are similar triangles. If area of ABC is 100 and DEF are 49, altitude of ABC is 10 then find altitude of DEF?


Qs 28. If 4cos^2 A = 3( cot ^2 A – Cos ^2 A) , Find the value of A?


Qs 29. If x will be subtracted from 23,32 , 45 and 64, and then they will be in proportion, then find the difference of (3x+2):(7x+3)?


Qs 30. Who is the founder of Jainism?

Ans. Vardhamana Jnatiputra

Qs 31. Which state passed the real house amendment?

Ans. (Question unclear, please comment)

Qs 32. Who founded the Chalukya dynasty?

Ans. Pulakeshin I

Qs 33. In which country was Olympic 2018 ceremony held?

Ans. South Korea

Qs 34. Which was the first biodiversity plant approved by Govt of India?

Ans. (Question unclear, please comment)

SSC CGL Questions Asked and Answer Key 4th June 2019 – Shift 3

Qs 1. Who wrote Rajatarangini?

Ans. Kalhana

Qs 2. Who got Carnot Award in 2018?

Ans. Piyush Goyal

Qs 3. Who won Ranji Trophy in 2019?

Ans. Vidarbha

Qs 4. What is the new capital of Kazakhstan?

Ans. Nur-Sultan

Qs 5. What is the synonym of Inept?

Ans. (options not known, please comment)

Qs 6. One word Substitution on One who compiles dictionary.

Ans. Lexicographer

Qs 7. What is the antonym of Exceptional?


Qs 8. underroot 3 cos A + sinA=1, given that A lies between 0 to 90. Find A?


Qs 9. Who was the father of Tughlaq dynasty?

Ans. Muhammad bin Tughluq

Qs 10. Who founded Vikramshila?

Ans. Dharmapala

Qs 11. What is known as the fighter of human body?

Ans. (Question unclear, please comment)

Qs 12. To which dynasty does Mihir Bhoj belong?

Ans. Gurjara-Pratihara dynasty

Qs 13. Who are the second time champions trophy winner?

Ans. (Question unclear, please comment)

Here are some more questions (shift not known)

  • 10 years before Ram fathers age is 3 1/2 x than his age…and in 10 years hence his father age will be 3 1/4 than his age…then find the sum of the present age of ram and his father
  • 1875 is distributed in such a way that A’s share is equal hal of B and C , B ‘s share is one forth of A and C . Then find the value of C?
  • 2 + tan A + cotA/cosec A * sec A =?
  • 3 faces of a cuboid are given. Find the volume of the cuboid?
  • 800 sp after 20% discount than find sp if article sale at 25% profit?
  • A:B:C efficiency 7:5:4 they can complete a work in 35 days… A+B work for 28 days remaining work done by C in how many days?
  • ABC and DEF are similar triangles. If the area of ABC is 100 and DEF are 49 ..altitude of ABC is 10 then find the altitude of DEF?
  • ABC is a right angle triangle with sides 20 ,21 ,29 , find the inradius?
  • An article is sold at loss of 15 percent if it is being sold at 30.60 Rs more he would have gained 10 %. To earn profit of 9 % at how much it should be sold?
  • Area of triangle 15 cm sq and radius of circle 3 then the perimeter of the triangle?
  • For an article CP is 170 % of profit. If CP is increased by 20 % but SP remains same then find the new profit percentage?
  • If 4cos^2 A = 3( cot ^2 A – Cos ^2 A) , Find the value of A?
  • If in any language LUCK is written as L2U1C3KI , Then Xerox will be written as?
  • If O is the center of the circle and PQ and PR ne two chords of equal length of each 12 cm .PO intersects QR at S . The find the length of OS
  • if ratio of efficiency of A,B,C is 4:5:3 , if they can complete a job in 25 days, then in how many days 35 % of total work will be completed by A & C?
  • If x will be subtracted from 23,32 , 45 and 64, Then they LL be in a proportion then find the difference of (3x+2):((7x+3)….
  • If x+y+z = 19 , X2 + y2 + z2 = 133 , xz = y2
  • If X2 -22x+11=0 then find (x-8)2 – 1/(x-8)2 = 0?
  • Simplify sin ^2 A -2 sin ^2 A / (2 cos ^2 A – cos ^2 A)^2 + 1 ?
  • The average of 12 no is 42 , if 1st 4 numbers average is _ and the average of last 5 numbers is and relation between 5th , 6th and 7th is given, Then find the sum of 5th and 7th number?
  • the income of Raju is 20 percent more than his expenditure …and if his income is increased by 60 percent and expenditure by 50 percent …then the percentage change in his saving
  • The total surface area of the hemisphere is 41.58 square cm Find its curved surface area?
  • Two circles intersect each other at P & Q if distance of the common cord between them is 20, and radii of two circles are 10 and 8 respectively find the distance between them?

SSC CGL Exam Analysis 4th June 2019

First of all, let us look at the common aspects of the exam held in all shifts.

Mode of exam: Computer based test

Duration of exam: 1 hour (80 minutes for VH/ OH (afflicted with Cerebral Palsy/ deformity in writing hand- Pl))

Exam Pattern

Name of Subject No. of questions Marks
General intelligence and reasoning 25 50
General awareness 25 50
Quantitative aptitude 25 50
English comprehension 25 50
Total 100 200

Marking scheme

  • +2 for correct answers
  • -0.5 (negative marking) for incorrect answers

Good attempts: Based on an analysis of the shifts, number of good attempts in each section / overall in each shift are as follows.

Name of Subject Shift 1 Shift 2 Shift 3
General intelligence and reasoning 20-22 20-23 15-17
General awareness 12-15 12-15 18-20
Quantitative aptitude 18-20 16-19 16-17
English comprehension 20-22 23-24 21-22
Total 70-79 70-74 70-76

SSC CGL Exam Analysis 4th June 2019 – Shift 1

So the very first day, first shift exam started off well. Paper was as expected. Like before, quantitative aptitude was toughest, and general intelligence reasoning was easiest. Overall paper can be ranked as moderate in difficulty level.

Key highlights

  • Geometry and mensuration questions were calculation intensive.
  • Number series and alphanumeric series questions were tricky.
  • There were no questions on word formation and matrix.
  • There were 4-5 questions on current affairs.

SSC CGL Exam Analysis 4th June 2019 – Shift 2

Second shift was similar to first shift. Which is a good thing because having too much variation in difficulty levels between shifts discourages candidates. In this shift again, quantitative aptitude was hard, and english was easiest. Once more, overall paper was moderate in difficulty level.

Key highlights

  • General awareness section was moderate to difficult.
  • In reasoning section, there were no questions on distance/direction type, word formation, matrix type.
  • 3-4 questions were more time consuming than others.
  • Quantitative aptitude section was more lengthy than difficult.

SSC CGL Exam Analysis 4th June 2019 – Shift 3

The third shift started at 4 PM and concluded at 5 PM. There was again no variation in difficulty from shifts held earlier in the day. So needless to say, quantitative aptitude proved to be difficult and english was easy.

Key highlights

  • In general awareness, questions on ancient history were tough.
  • In english, questions on general vocabulary such as antonyms and synonyms were easy. Whereas RC were tougher.
  • In reasoning, besides series based questions, rest were quite easy.

SSC CGL Exam Analysis: Topics From Which Questions Were Asked

In today’s exam, questions were asked from following topics.

S.No. General intelligence and reasoning General awareness Quantitative aptitude English comprehension
1 Series Art and Culture Algebra Error Recognition
2 Analogy Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) Average Filling in the blanks (using verbs, preposition, articles, etc.)
3 Arithmetic Reasoning CA Boat & Stream Idioms
4 Classification Chemistry CI & SI One Word Substitution
5 Coding-Decoding Economy (Basic) Data Interpretation Sentence Completion
6 Counting of Figures Imp books, Awards, Days, Location Based Geometry Spellings
7 Distance / Direction Indian Polity Heights and Distances Vocabulary (Synonyms & Antonyms)
8 Embedded figures Medieval History LCM & HCF
9 Logical Venn diagram Miscellaneous Mensuration
10 Mirror Image Modern History Mixture & Alligation
11 Paper cutting & folding Physical Geography Partnership
12 Odd one out Physics Percentages
13 Statement and Conclusion Pipes & Cistern
14 Mirror image Profit loss & Discount
15 Ratio & Proportion
16 Speed, Time and Work
17 Trigonometry

SSC CGL Answer Key


  1. shift 1 (Q.23)Who was the first female DGP of Pondicherry? is S.Sundari Nanada instead of Kiran Bedi

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